Fitness Therapy

After having a project fail on me I decided to just take a break and get my workout in. I had planned to do it after all project needs were done but things changed so why not use a workout for a little “don’t feel so bad about it” therapy?

workoutWell, I had fun, but it was a shorter workout than I like to do. A total of 40 minutes with 20 of cardio and 20 of toning. I would have gone longer on the toning but my arms were definitely not feeling the “little longer” quest. That didn’t mean I didn’t try to keep going but my arms pretty much had the, ‘yeah, you keep trying and eventually I’m just going to let you fall on your face’ speech going on. Plank positions take a lot of total body muscle I have found.

Some days I feel like I can hit my workout and take on the world and others it’s just kind of…”you have to be kidding me,” chanting. Today was a mix but toward the end I was doing the have to be kidding me chant a lot more than usual.

Oh well, a little workout goes a long way right…besides, today isn’t over yet and there is always yoga before bed if I have time.

Right now I have a project I need to reshape to make it work somewhere, a deliciously healthy lunch I need to cook and a story that needs to be finished by Sunday night (my deadline, not required by anybody else but me) so I should get to all that then.

I hope everybody is having a great week.

Stay Healthy


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