Hair oh Hair: The End is Near

No, I am not getting ready to go into some diatribe on the end of the world. I’m just talking the end of this challenge I did (for far too long now). I have one month from today before it is officially over. Yay!

Now I have to figure out what I am going to do with my hair. When I started this challenge I was already into my transitioning stage, but now I am completely natural and hair care is just different now. I am not sure how I want to style it really although I have a lot of ideas of things I would like to do…provided I have the energy to do it.

So what is my first end of challenge activity?

Washing, deep conditioning and I guess I’ll have to blow dry it and flat iron it for an accurate check on the other thing…not that I promise to do that last part. I haven’t used heat on my hair in over a year so I am not itching to flat iron at all.

One month from today it will be the end of the challenge and I can officially tuck the wig away until I want to play with it again but it really just depends on how tired/busy I am when the month passes. I may braid my hair and put the wig back on. Hey, it’s my hair and with very few freedoms in life sometimes I’ll hold on to doing it my way when it comes to the basics like my hair and makeup or no makeup, clothing…things like that.

YouTube Channels (with hair) I have found while watching makeup videos.


Maryam Hampton



I have found many others through my exploration of YouTube but those are the ones I try to make sure I check out at least once a month. They are still uploading videos and some have a consistent type schedule. Natural or relaxed you may find styles you like or maybe some of their makeup videos too.

I have to ditch the exploration for a while because I am expanding my business and I am determined to in the New Year stop treating it like a hobby and start trying to really treat it like a business with the hopes for having it on point next year.

Anyway, have fun watching something positive on YouTube.

Stay Beautiful


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