Life, Panic Attacks and Major Changes

Let me start by saying that I have not had a panic attack that I seriously know of, although I have let some uncomfortable things keep me away from things other people love which may be the reason I haven’t had a panic attack at this time.

All that being said I know that I have corresponded with some of you who have had panic attacks and may still be having them. This video is a woman who is discussing her first panic attack and the things she had to learn about herself.

What I liked was the reminder of how you have to take care of yourself and care about yourself, and that you have to be happy and do things that make you happy. I can agree with this because I spent the majority of my life being conditioned to believe certain things and being told I should be a certain person and when I started to realize I couldn’t live my life for other people I found a slice of happiness. That doesn’t mean the other people agree with me or  make it easy for me but it does mean that I can sometimes balance things and stay mentally and emotionally sane. I have my moments of feeling down and lost but for the most part I am trying to remind myself to be thankful every day that I woke up breathing. After all, tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet.

I am working on some things for my life and realizing that what everybody else wants me to do is not necessarily what I will be happy with doing. Exploring the part of me that is completely me is where I am happy and so I try, desperately so, to always remind myself that I am who I am and that is okay. I always find myself thinking that people have their own lives and have had a chance to live it so it is not right for people to try to control somebody else, to force decisions and actions based on the life they wish they had lived for themselves but were too afraid to do, or just too jealous that you have the strength and passion to do.

I hope those of you battling depression, panic attacks and emotional battles can find a slice of calm that can help you find the happiness and life that is the right fit for you.

Stay Healthy


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