Food and the Impact on the Body

For some people food and the impact it has on the body is not important. However, if you are trying to lose weight, tone up your body, or maintain your figure the way it is then it might be important to you if you start to see the hard work you are putting into your fitness, health and nutrition, seemingly going out the window. For me that pretty much happened.

runner-546896_1280 (2)I workout because I love to workout and always have. One day I paid attention to how my body had been changing that year and how much I liked the new look. It was good for me and that is what mattered to me despite any remarks about my body I still loved my body.

Maybe about two or three months ago I started saying, “I feel poochy today,” a lot. At first I thought it was hormonal related but after I noticed it wasn’t just a few days out of the month where I felt “poochy” I started to wonder what I was doing wrong. My body was changing in a way I did not like. I hadn’t gained more than three/four pounds. I know, for a short person gaining a few pounds might be a major difference, but this didn’t look like the 3/4 pounds thing to me.

lettuceI took a look at what changed in my diet and I realized–it wasn’t just the candy added back in because that really does nothing for me other than break¬† me out it would seem; but it was the bread. I had cut bread out of my diet for a year, maybe more, and in the past few months I find that bread has become an addition to meals that I make for more than just me.

So with that knowledge I decided to cut bread out again. It’s not to say that once in every couple months, when testing out a new recipe, that I won’t have a little, but it is to say that I need to work it back out of my diet to get rid of the change to my body that I do not like. Realizing this early on allows me to catch the problem before it explodes to a point of out of control that I feel as if I am crawling out of the abyss to get back to the me that I like to be me.

So if you are noticing differences in your body, or even your skin, take a hard look at what you might be doing different, eating differently, drinking differently, and see if the changes of your skin and body started happening around the time you added in that “something” different.

Healthy is not a diet, it’s a life style. It takes work and sometimes an adjustment, but if you really want it you can make healthy for you happen.

Stay Healthy

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