Last of the Year

2015 is almost gone. Soon we will be moving into yet another year with good things, bad things and sometimes ugly thing ;). Such is life. I’m trying to keep in mind something a military man said to me…

“every day above ground is a good day.”

I know that’s a quote from something somewhere but I don’t know where…I just know he said it to me and it made me think.

WolfAs a writer, and an introvert (not shy), I am stuck in my head. I love building worlds. Fiction is about the only place where the impossible can seem possible. There can be gargoyles that protect the night, humans who shift into dragons, wolves or anything else really, and even the most deadly situations can be survivable–you know, that bomb that has only one second left on the timer but one second counts down like it has one hour. I love fiction…I really do, but fiction does not make reality–not always anyway.

I often say that dreaming while awake does not a reality make, but while that is true I still believe that dreams can lead us to many things. For me those dreams usually lead me back into writing a book.

My sleeping dreamland last night was interesting and I have always been about analyzing things so I look at dreams with curiosity.

man-67467_1280 (2)

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I do think that sometimes dreams are the mind’s way of trying to work through things, to educate us on emotions or paths we are trying to navigate. The great thing is it is never too late to make changes until you are dead.

Even with the last of the year rapidly approaching, no matter how this year has been going for you tomorrow is always a new day with no mistakes in it–yet ;).

Stay Healthy

Update: Building Worlds

I hadn’t planned on doing much today—one errand. Before I left I did actually do something for the hair issues before leaving. But one errand turned into more and I got an idea for a story.

notebook-791070_1920 (2)Anybody who is reading my other blog—the Capri Montgomery one on WordPress—probably knows I mentioned I only have one book finished and planned for release early next year. I didn’t have real plans for more. However I got an idea while out that I wanted to explore. I told my mom a little about it and so she asked me if my leading lady was going to get the leading man. I said, “I hope so.” She laughed and said, “she’s writing the book and she doesn’t know.”

She’s right…I don’t know. I hope so, but I compare this to the science fiction book I am sporadically working on because one character was not supposed to get as much attention and now that character has. So for all I know my leading lady might not end up with my leading man.

Of course the longer I thought about the story the more I realized something I would like to happen in it and I think that seriously means my LF just might end up with the LM. Of course I have to keep this story on my mind and actually work on it when I can otherwise it will end up in the growing pile of works in progress occupying my computer.

What a difference a few errands can make.

picture of lettuce

Fasting, Hair and Memories

~ Fasting ~


The juice fast did not work out for me. I tried. I’m up before two o’clock in the morning so I think making it until after eight was a good thing, but the fast was supposed to last three days (not the seven day one) so I really should have been able to do it, but I was so hungry—so I ate.

I think if I wasn’t fasting I wouldn’t have been hungry. The green smoothie is usually enough for me when it comes to breakfast. But it’s kind of like having to go in for labs and the doctor says not to eat for 12 hours before and strangely enough while I would never be hungry at the time of day I find I’m starving. There is something about being told you can’t do something that seems to really set the mind in a spiral I think.

~ Hair & Memories ~

I will truthfully say I think my hair looks like crap today and sadly I don’t care. I know when I was younger I was that girl who played with decorating her nails and loved doing her hair, or at least making it look pretty good in my opinion. I don’t know if aging changes a person really or if there is something else going on with me, but I just don’t seem to care anymore.

IMG_7208Nails I get because I went back to music and now that I play cello (trying to anyway) I try to keep my nails short. They grow so fast though so sometimes they get a little longer and sometimes I cut them shorter than planned. But you know, I don’t care. I love cello more than my nails I guess because you can rock short nails too you know, but I don’t.

Hair…I kind of get it. Back in my far younger years I was relaxed and to me my hair was easier to take care of then. Going back natural so late in the stage of hair I just have to get used to it again. I tried watching videos to see what I can take from them but all I see is a bunch of contradiction and I know that’s because hair, just like humans, is not a monolith. What works for one won’t work for another. Some people wash every day and it works great for them while others wash every two weeks because they say constant manipulation damages hair.

I used to wash every day when relaxed sometimes, twice a week others, once a week too and my hair grew just fine so I don’t know how that would impact natural hair for me. Twice a week is about the most I can do depending on what I have done to my hair that week. Like I need to wash now because of the press and the oil coming off on my hands every time I touch my hair is kind of getting on my nerves. I cannot wash today though.

I remember as a kid, while I was natural and even after I was relaxed, washing was every two weeks in the glorious winter months of snow and ice while summer was every week. I think my mom probably didn’t feel like doing hair all the time for washing (plus I was not the only child) but I also know she just did what she grew up doing for her hair and back then that was fine for me. My hair still grew, but when one is embarking on their own journey it is sometimes good to figure out how to just do you, and do what’s best for you. I haven’t figured that out yet…but that really doesn’t surprise me since nothing ever seems to go how I think it will no matter how hard I work at it.

Maybe my emotional health is just really broken right now…maybe that’s why I don’t really care anymore. I don’t know. But I do know that even with my hair looking like crap right now I still feel beautiful.

I hope you all kick off 2016 with love, happiness and good health.

Stay Beautiful


I Think I’m Done

Okay I do know hair is not rocket science…in fact, I think it’s tougher than rocket science.

I have to go to this thing tomorrow and with the area I’m in curly hair (of any type) is not so acceptable. So I thought I’ll straighten it. mom straightened it. We haven’t used the combs in so long we couldn’t find them so we went with the flat iron. I did not want to put heat on my hair again until next year but this is important to me so I figured just bite the bullet and straighten it.

So after hours of getting my hair together and then having my mom straighten it out do you know what happened?! Seriously…not even ten minutes later it starts to frizz and by the end of nearly thirty minutes frizz was an understatement.

Seriously, what was the point of doing it in the first place? So my mom Flexi Rod set it and it will just have to be curly. Maybe I should wear makeup tomorrow then huh? ;).

Hair Video Series

I just saw this one this morning. While I do watch her (Maryam Hampton) channel since I found it more recently (I think around the inversion method start for me) I am rather interested in where she will go with her new hair series on her channel. The first video is up so if you’re interested in Fight Damage & Grow Healthy Hair (part of her Hair Growth Series) then go check it out. It is just under 8 minutes so it won’t take long.

Have a great weekend all.

Stay Beautiful

I Might Need Therapy For That

There I am asserting my determination to make something for me and what happens? I gave it to my mother, who then told me I should put it up for sale but I told her if it doesn’t go then it’s hers. At the end of the day I keep either selling stuff or giving it to my mother. I might need therapy for that ;).

I need to learn how to put me first sometimes and not so much worry about what anybody else wants. So, not this project I’m currently doing, but the next one, it is my goal to keep it for myself…it is…honest.

I’m feeling too lazy after a morning of cooking and cleaning to get the pictures off my camera to see if I like any of them to share so maybe next time I will plug in and get them so I can share.

It’s almost a change in the year so I hope all of you are looking forward to the switch and that all goes well for the end of 2015 and the start of 2016 for you all.

Stay Healthy


A Bonnet, A Smoothie, and a Knitting Project

I kind of have beauty, health and fashion rolled into one post. This morning I was able to do my green smoothie breakfast. I like to use the frozen fruit IMG_6823but I am out of almost everything and I had been missing my breakfast smoothies so I had to use some canned fruit. I am not a fan of that, but it worked and if you get one without the syrup in it then it can be just fine. Refrigerate before using though so that it can be cold. I used water and not juice, chia seeds and did a blend and puree mix. My mother liked it a lot. I liked it a little, and it made a lot so I have one more glass worth of smoothie in there for lunch later.


The first time I used my hair bonnet it flew off my head—literally. It scared me because it goes from flaccid to poufy and if it goes flying too when it’s not supposed to it is a bit disconcerting. My mother had worked out a way to keep it from blowing off her head so I tried it and it worked the first time but I do not like the hair bonnet over my ears while it’s drying my hair. Later my mother told me she fixed it so it would work without putting it over her ears, but that did not work for me as it flew off again. I don’t use it often, but if I use it I do not want it to go flying off my head.

IMG_6818This morning while I was thinking of making a breakfast smoothie I realized that this bonnet reminds me of a snake. The back is like the body, thinly round and slithery looking when the air is pulsing through it while the top reminded me of a really big head of the snake eating my head. My mother said it does not remind her of that, but I seem to have a very active imagination. Even the yeast when it is combined with the water and it starts foaming looks gross and creepy to me. What can I say; I have a very creative mind.

IMG_6820While under the bonnet I got a little more work done on the cowl I am making for my mother. After I finish this for her I do intend on knitting something for me. I haven’t made anything for me in a while so I would like to make myself something for a change. No selling, no giving as a gift, just keeping it for me. It’s like a present from me to me…except it takes a lot of work to get done so I don’t know if that can count as a present from me to me at all.

Have a great weekend you all.

Stay Beautiful and above all, Stay Healthy.

End of Challenge Results

Yes, I did do my hair for the end of challenge. No I do not like any of the pictures.

I have to say thanks to my mom. She was studying while I was flat ironing.

Anyway, my mother finished studying and on her way to my bathroom (thankfully there isn’t a smoke detector in there otherwise I would have been setting off alarms for sure) she asked me if I was done with my hair.

Me: “Um…does it smell like I’m done?” I laughed because it really did remind me of the hot comb. Some of you probably know what I’m talking about.

She saw how far I had gotten—to the back at almost half way. She had me sit down and she did the rest. When she looked at what I had done most of it was fine but she wanted to get closer to the roots so she did. She said if she finds herself doing it again she will pull out the combs. I have no problems with that. Although I don’t plan on doing this again until around my next birthday…but what do I know? I could do it sooner.

Things I would not do again:

  • Comb chaser method—I heard of this method via a video but I shouldn’t have used my good rattail comb. The flat iron kind of softened it (melted it a bit) and the teeth bent in places. I really liked that comb even though I didn’t use it much.
  • Using the heat protecting product while using the flatiron. I had used it when blow drying so that will just have to be the only place I use it if ever I do this thing again (i.e. next year).

Of course with my mom doing the rest of my hair she saw the raggedy hair. It wasn’t split ends; it was the fact that I let my relaxer grow out on its own and all my relaxed ends broke as they wanted. My hair was at a mid bra band length in the back but the ends were up here, down there. And the sides and front needed some work too. I told her to fix it but leave as much of the length as she could. I didn’t want to lose too much length as I like my hair long.

Out came my hair scissors and there I sat saying “bye bye hair,” with each clip.

IMG_6715Hair cut measured anywhere from four inches to six inches per sections measured. It was good because the hair is looking better and I know it will grow back.

Thanks Mom :).

Stay Beautiful

End of a Challenge: Happy Birthday to Me

I suppose there could be something metaphorically symbolic in that title. Like the challenge ending is the birth of an experience for me, but no. It really is not that deep.

I don’t celebrate birthdays, never have, but as the challenge ends on this here day of my many moons ago birth I am thinking I cannot believe I have to do my hair today. I also don’t know what I am going to do with it.

I had planned to do my workout and then do my hair early this morning but my schedule changed a bit this morning so I won’t do my hair until a little later.

So what else is on the agenda for today? The same as usual. I have a to-do list and I need to start checking more things off. I already have one down and I have five more to go. Maybe I’ll have time to get in a kitchen adventure today too…but I won’t hold my breath on that.

Stay Beautiful.

Making Green Smoothies

Breakfast for me is a green smoothie. I have tried many different fruit and vegetable blends to see how I liked each. I have added simply water, sometimes V8 juice and once or twice organic coconut milk. My least favorite of the blends was definitely the milk.

There are so many ways to make these smoothies. Buying a bag of frozen fruit, buying fresh fruit and buying fresh vegetables or frozen vegetables too. And I found a nice smoothie combination in the freezer section that has the fruit and vegetables already measured out and put in individual packages inside an airtight bag. It cuts down on time so if you’re in a rush in the morning opening one bag instead of having to combine your own might be better for you. You can make your own bags too.

Choosing a day to sort out fresh fruits and desired veggies and putting them in a sandwich bag then placing all bags in a bigger freezer safe bag is great for being able to just grab it out the freezer, add it to the blender and mix a breakfast, lunch or dinner green smoothie.

fruit-webI really like to do this when I buy extra fruit that I can wash and then put away to use later. I also like this for bananas because bananas ripen swiftly and it’s not something that I like to eat by itself so once they get a little brown (ripe and sweet) I slice them and add them to bags to put in the freezer so they can go into a morning smoothie later.

However you decide to make your smoothies have fun and enjoy the taste.

Stay Healthy