Makeup Mood Killers

I should never mention to my father while on the phone anything about a leaking sink because he doesn’t understand what I’m trying to explain and he keeps asking the same question and gets frustrated because I’m not answering the question the way he wants me to answer it.

He says it’s easy, but he has also worked on his own whenever needed. It’s like, it’s easy for you, Dad. I can only tell you what’s wrong with it; I cannot tell you where everything is connected because I have never worked on plumbing (other than changing a shower head) a day in my life and all the YouTube videos in the world cannot help me with this particular problem. It’s not the pipes; I found a lot of videos on fixing it if ever it should be just a leaking pipe. Ask me about computers, sewing, knitting, cooking or writing and I might be able to help you, but plumbing is not something I’ve studied enough to understand how to re-explain what I’m trying to explain.

He finally said we’ll just let it go but I’m going to lose more money by having to have somebody come fix it than if I would just fix it myself. To which I said if I try to fix it myself and completely mess it up then I’m going to have to pay more money to have somebody fix my mistake. Sometimes you have to work smarter and let the ego go you know…

Anyway, I was just going to post about lipstick today but one conversation with my father totally killed my mood to talk about lipstick I don’t have and cannot buy right now…nor do I need to buy it. I have more than enough lipstick that I never wear anyway.

But that being said, Missy Lynn has a new lipstick line and they all look pretty. Right now they are on sale so I don’t know how long they will be at that price. I like the L’Amour one myself. If I were going to buy one of them I would go for that one.

I’m not sure if this is a stay mentally healthy or a stay beautiful sign off but just stay both if you can :).


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