Making Green Smoothies

Breakfast for me is a green smoothie. I have tried many different fruit and vegetable blends to see how I liked each. I have added simply water, sometimes V8 juice and once or twice organic coconut milk. My least favorite of the blends was definitely the milk.

There are so many ways to make these smoothies. Buying a bag of frozen fruit, buying fresh fruit and buying fresh vegetables or frozen vegetables too. And I found a nice smoothie combination in the freezer section that has the fruit and vegetables already measured out and put in individual packages inside an airtight bag. It cuts down on time so if you’re in a rush in the morning opening one bag instead of having to combine your own might be better for you. You can make your own bags too.

Choosing a day to sort out fresh fruits and desired veggies and putting them in a sandwich bag then placing all bags in a bigger freezer safe bag is great for being able to just grab it out the freezer, add it to the blender and mix a breakfast, lunch or dinner green smoothie.

fruit-webI really like to do this when I buy extra fruit that I can wash and then put away to use later. I also like this for bananas because bananas ripen swiftly and it’s not something that I like to eat by itself so once they get a little brown (ripe and sweet) I slice them and add them to bags to put in the freezer so they can go into a morning smoothie later.

However you decide to make your smoothies have fun and enjoy the taste.

Stay Healthy


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