End of Challenge Results

Yes, I did do my hair for the end of challenge. No I do not like any of the pictures.

I have to say thanks to my mom. She was studying while I was flat ironing.

Anyway, my mother finished studying and on her way to my bathroom (thankfully there isn’t a smoke detector in there otherwise I would have been setting off alarms for sure) she asked me if I was done with my hair.

Me: “Um…does it smell like I’m done?” I laughed because it really did remind me of the hot comb. Some of you probably know what I’m talking about.

She saw how far I had gotten—to the back at almost half way. She had me sit down and she did the rest. When she looked at what I had done most of it was fine but she wanted to get closer to the roots so she did. She said if she finds herself doing it again she will pull out the combs. I have no problems with that. Although I don’t plan on doing this again until around my next birthday…but what do I know? I could do it sooner.

Things I would not do again:

  • Comb chaser method—I heard of this method via a video but I shouldn’t have used my good rattail comb. The flat iron kind of softened it (melted it a bit) and the teeth bent in places. I really liked that comb even though I didn’t use it much.
  • Using the heat protecting product while using the flatiron. I had used it when blow drying so that will just have to be the only place I use it if ever I do this thing again (i.e. next year).

Of course with my mom doing the rest of my hair she saw the raggedy hair. It wasn’t split ends; it was the fact that I let my relaxer grow out on its own and all my relaxed ends broke as they wanted. My hair was at a mid bra band length in the back but the ends were up here, down there. And the sides and front needed some work too. I told her to fix it but leave as much of the length as she could. I didn’t want to lose too much length as I like my hair long.

Out came my hair scissors and there I sat saying “bye bye hair,” with each clip.

IMG_6715Hair cut measured anywhere from four inches to six inches per sections measured. It was good because the hair is looking better and I know it will grow back.

Thanks Mom :).

Stay Beautiful


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