A Bonnet, A Smoothie, and a Knitting Project

I kind of have beauty, health and fashion rolled into one post. This morning I was able to do my green smoothie breakfast. I like to use the frozen fruit IMG_6823but I am out of almost everything and I had been missing my breakfast smoothies so I had to use some canned fruit. I am not a fan of that, but it worked and if you get one without the syrup in it then it can be just fine. Refrigerate before using though so that it can be cold. I used water and not juice, chia seeds and did a blend and puree mix. My mother liked it a lot. I liked it a little, and it made a lot so I have one more glass worth of smoothie in there for lunch later.


The first time I used my hair bonnet it flew off my head—literally. It scared me because it goes from flaccid to poufy and if it goes flying too when it’s not supposed to it is a bit disconcerting. My mother had worked out a way to keep it from blowing off her head so I tried it and it worked the first time but I do not like the hair bonnet over my ears while it’s drying my hair. Later my mother told me she fixed it so it would work without putting it over her ears, but that did not work for me as it flew off again. I don’t use it often, but if I use it I do not want it to go flying off my head.

IMG_6818This morning while I was thinking of making a breakfast smoothie I realized that this bonnet reminds me of a snake. The back is like the body, thinly round and slithery looking when the air is pulsing through it while the top reminded me of a really big head of the snake eating my head. My mother said it does not remind her of that, but I seem to have a very active imagination. Even the yeast when it is combined with the water and it starts foaming looks gross and creepy to me. What can I say; I have a very creative mind.

IMG_6820While under the bonnet I got a little more work done on the cowl I am making for my mother. After I finish this for her I do intend on knitting something for me. I haven’t made anything for me in a while so I would like to make myself something for a change. No selling, no giving as a gift, just keeping it for me. It’s like a present from me to me…except it takes a lot of work to get done so I don’t know if that can count as a present from me to me at all.

Have a great weekend you all.

Stay Beautiful and above all, Stay Healthy.


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