I Think I’m Done

Okay I do know hair is not rocket science…in fact, I think it’s tougher than rocket science.

I have to go to this thing tomorrow and with the area I’m in curly hair (of any type) is not so acceptable. So I thought I’ll straighten it. Um..my mom straightened it. We haven’t used the combs in so long we couldn’t find them so we went with the flat iron. I did not want to put heat on my hair again until next year but this is important to me so I figured just bite the bullet and straighten it.

So after hours of getting my hair together and then having my mom straighten it out do you know what happened?! Seriously…not even ten minutes later it starts to frizz and by the end of nearly thirty minutes frizz was an understatement.

Seriously, what was the point of doing it in the first place? So my mom Flexi Rod set it and it will just have to be curly. Maybe I should wear makeup tomorrow then huh? ;).


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