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Fasting, Hair and Memories

~ Fasting ~


The juice fast did not work out for me. I tried. I’m up before two o’clock in the morning so I think making it until after eight was a good thing, but the fast was supposed to last three days (not the seven day one) so I really should have been able to do it, but I was so hungry—so I ate.

I think if I wasn’t fasting I wouldn’t have been hungry. The green smoothie is usually enough for me when it comes to breakfast. But it’s kind of like having to go in for labs and the doctor says not to eat for 12 hours before and strangely enough while I would never be hungry at the time of day I find I’m starving. There is something about being told you can’t do something that seems to really set the mind in a spiral I think.

~ Hair & Memories ~

I will truthfully say I think my hair looks like crap today and sadly I don’t care. I know when I was younger I was that girl who played with decorating her nails and loved doing her hair, or at least making it look pretty good in my opinion. I don’t know if aging changes a person really or if there is something else going on with me, but I just don’t seem to care anymore.

IMG_7208Nails I get because I went back to music and now that I play cello (trying to anyway) I try to keep my nails short. They grow so fast though so sometimes they get a little longer and sometimes I cut them shorter than planned. But you know, I don’t care. I love cello more than my nails I guess because you can rock short nails too you know, but I don’t.

Hair…I kind of get it. Back in my far younger years I was relaxed and to me my hair was easier to take care of then. Going back natural so late in the stage of hair I just have to get used to it again. I tried watching videos to see what I can take from them but all I see is a bunch of contradiction and I know that’s because hair, just like humans, is not a monolith. What works for one won’t work for another. Some people wash every day and it works great for them while others wash every two weeks because they say constant manipulation damages hair.

I used to wash every day when relaxed sometimes, twice a week others, once a week too and my hair grew just fine so I don’t know how that would impact natural hair for me. Twice a week is about the most I can do depending on what I have done to my hair that week. Like I need to wash now because of the press and the oil coming off on my hands every time I touch my hair is kind of getting on my nerves. I cannot wash today though.

I remember as a kid, while I was natural and even after I was relaxed, washing was every two weeks in the glorious winter months of snow and ice while summer was every week. I think my mom probably didn’t feel like doing hair all the time for washing (plus I was not the only child) but I also know she just did what she grew up doing for her hair and back then that was fine for me. My hair still grew, but when one is embarking on their own journey it is sometimes good to figure out how to just do you, and do what’s best for you. I haven’t figured that out yet…but that really doesn’t surprise me since nothing ever seems to go how I think it will no matter how hard I work at it.

Maybe my emotional health is just really broken right now…maybe that’s why I don’t really care anymore. I don’t know. But I do know that even with my hair looking like crap right now I still feel beautiful.

I hope you all kick off 2016 with love, happiness and good health.

Stay Beautiful



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