Update: Building Worlds

I hadn’t planned on doing much today—one errand. Before I left I did actually do something for the hair issues before leaving. But one errand turned into more and I got an idea for a story.

notebook-791070_1920 (2)Anybody who is reading my other blog—the Capri Montgomery one on WordPress—probably knows I mentioned I only have one book finished and planned for release early next year. I didn’t have real plans for more. However I got an idea while out that I wanted to explore. I told my mom a little about it and so she asked me if my leading lady was going to get the leading man. I said, “I hope so.” She laughed and said, “she’s writing the book and she doesn’t know.”

She’s right…I don’t know. I hope so, but I compare this to the science fiction book I am sporadically working on because one character was not supposed to get as much attention and now that character has. So for all I know my leading lady might not end up with my leading man.

Of course the longer I thought about the story the more I realized something I would like to happen in it and I think that seriously means my LF just might end up with the LM. Of course I have to keep this story on my mind and actually work on it when I can otherwise it will end up in the growing pile of works in progress occupying my computer.

What a difference a few errands can make.


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