Last of the Year

2015 is almost gone. Soon we will be moving into yet another year with good things, bad things and sometimes ugly thing ;). Such is life. I’m trying to keep in mind something a military man said to me…

“every day above ground is a good day.”

I know that’s a quote from something somewhere but I don’t know where…I just know he said it to me and it made me think.

WolfAs a writer, and an introvert (not shy), I am stuck in my head. I love building worlds. Fiction is about the only place where the impossible can seem possible. There can be gargoyles that protect the night, humans who shift into dragons, wolves or anything else really, and even the most deadly situations can be survivable–you know, that bomb that has only one second left on the timer but one second counts down like it has one hour. I love fiction…I really do, but fiction does not make reality–not always anyway.

I often say that dreaming while awake does not a reality make, but while that is true I still believe that dreams can lead us to many things. For me those dreams usually lead me back into writing a book.

My sleeping dreamland last night was interesting and I have always been about analyzing things so I look at dreams with curiosity.

man-67467_1280 (2)

Royalty Free photo from

I do think that sometimes dreams are the mind’s way of trying to work through things, to educate us on emotions or paths we are trying to navigate. The great thing is it is never too late to make changes until you are dead.

Even with the last of the year rapidly approaching, no matter how this year has been going for you tomorrow is always a new day with no mistakes in it–yet ;).

Stay Healthy


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