Hello to the New Year

Hello 2016; the government is at it again and the New Year kicked off for me with a story on how Microbeads will be illegal in the USA. Do I care about this? Not really.

I’m sure I have had exfoliating products in the past. I may still have some in the cabinet that never gets used. I clicked into the article because it was this “so dangerous” type wording in the teaser and I wanted to know what was so dangerous about them. I did not realize microbeads are in some toothpaste too.

So how long have we been polluting our bodies?

Well their concern really isn’t your body so much as it is the sewer system and all that stuff, but they did mention how all of that non biodegradable plastic is being sprayed on crops, running off in sewers, draining into the ocean…you know, the important things.

beauty products natural

From what they say, plastic seems to be everywhere thanks to those beauty products and hygiene products. Why has it taken so long for them to realize this “danger”? Who knows. Perhaps things should be better researched before releasing them…but I won’t hold my breath on that happening.

Welcome to 2016 you all. Make the best that you can of the year ahead of you one day at a time.

Stay Healthy and Beautiful


5 thoughts on “Hello to the New Year

  1. Sabiscuit says:

    The furore gets crazy sometimes. I need my exfoliating products and rely on jojoba beads in 100% pure skin care products. I think I’m not damaging the environment. Stay healthy and beautiful, too. Best wishes for 2016.


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