Beauty Interruption

I know it’s January and this is really the month I focus on fitness, nutrition and health (as in I did this before on other blogs) but I am interrupting the posts this afternoon with a beauty post.

I’m not a diehard fan of YouTube. While I have people I like to check out and see what’s new I’m just not a big fan of the site…not even a small one I guess. However, while watching the recent GlamTwinz video (all about lips everybody) I found a new (not so new to everybody—just me) video to watch. It’s on Ombre lips. I have done this lip look before and I liked it, but I wanted it to do something different—look a little different—but since I’m more about the shadows when I take the time for makeup I try not to overdo the look by going too deep on the eyes and the lips at the same time. Upbringing and taste I guess so it’s just not for me to go all out if I’m not doing a dramatic photo shoot or something.

lipstick-388385_1920 (2)

Royalty Free Photo from

At either rate, I liked how she did the look and I (on my non makeup look today) decided to try it out. I like it so I think I’ll play with it for tomorrow’s makeup look. Yes; I am planning to wear makeup tomorrow—um at the moment that is. I am a woman; it is in my right to change my mind ;). I tested this look with the colors I have and use sporadically so I’m going to try it again. Something in me kind of wants to go full glam and do the Bond eye look too. But maybe I should save that for a day when I’ll just be hanging out around the house. The eye look is quite striking…I liked it the last time I played with it anyway.

Do you have any makeup looks you like to glam up or down?

Stay Beautiful



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