Get Healthy and Stay Healthy in 2016

It’s not a surprise that a health, nutrition or fitness article can get me to click in even when I should be signing off the Internet and getting some other stuff done, but I found this article yesterday and I thought I would share.

It’s about Health Habits that people could/should make this year. Most of them seem obvious, others might not be something that’s in the front of the mind and others might not be doable for some. The Green Tea one is good but if you’re unable to handle caffeine (like me) have been told not to have it by a doctor (like my mom) then Green Tea may or may not be doable for you. For me it’s not. I remember my last brush with caffeinated tea and I don’t know how I made it back to the hotel and into my room without collapsing on the street. So…no caffeine in tea for me. It is tempting due to the health benefits it attributes to the tea but I am not that risqué I guess because I am not running the store to buy any of this. I’ll stick with herbal non caffeinated teas.

I did find this article on How to Minimize Green Tea Caffeine. It has some interesting insights into caffeine intake recommended limits as well.

Check out both of the articles and see if any of the suggestions are something you do, can do, or want to do. If you have your own ideas of staying healthy this year please share in the comments below.

Stay Healthy


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