New Year Away

My mom pointed out today while we were leaving that we have left the house every day since the start of the year. This is new as I’m a homebody and she’s not exactly running out the house either. She says that she’s not superstitious but they say how you kick off your first day is how you will see the rest of your year. What do you all think? True or not true?

I hadn’t thought about it until she said something but we have left the house every day thus far. I have also practiced cello every day thus far. So if that adage of what happens on the first day of the year happening for the rest of the year is true then I should not miss a practice this year. Yay! I um…haven’t practiced yet today but I am going to in a couple hours.

This gets me thinking about last year when I, the woman who doesn’t make New Year’s resolutions, stated after the year started that maybe I would get out the house more…and I didn’t get out the house anymore than usual for the most part.

Sometimes I think maybe I should get out more. A little fresh air and a new view is a good thing for emotional health. I just really don’t always want to leave the house. I feel safer at home, and I’m comfortable. Plus, there isn’t anywhere to go here.

Oh well, it’s 2016 and anything can happen.

So far, my fist day of the year had me getting fruits and veggies.

The second day of the new year had me trying out the Ombre lips thing I talked about a couple days ago.

My third day had me trying it out again with a different lipstick color, not loving it so doing my own thing along with that Bond makeup look I mentioned. The overall look turned out fine for me.


My fourth day just saw a good hair day, no makeup, but I did leave the house.

My fifth day…well it hasn’t been written yet. So far I don’t need to go anywhere and it’s cold outside so I don’t want to go anywhere either. But why break a streak huh? I think I’m going to have to find something to do and someplace to go.

How are all of your days going so far?

Stay Healthy and Beautiful



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