Is My Life Really That Boring

It seems everybody has those nifty planners now days (well not everybody). I bought a planner that was cute with little butterflies and it was cheap (thank goodness since I never used it). I even have an electronic planner attached to a gadget my mom bought me. I filled it out with the usual working on writing, working out, doing cello practice and other required daily things. I filled it out for an indefinite time and you know what–I haven’t turned the thing on since.

I don’t know. My days are pretty much the same. Get up, workout, shower, do language studies (I am so not good at Irish by the way), start working on writing stuff, cook, clean and practice cello. That’s about the gist of my every day schedule minus any things that pop up unexpectedly (i.e. running errands or going grocery shopping–that’s an errand isn’t it?)

It’s not as if I am traveling very much anymore. I hate leaving the house most days and I have never been a party goer. Still, if only I filled in a nifty little planner my life would feel more chic yes? No, not really. It would still be the same life just in writing.

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One of my best friends keeps telling me to get out the house more. She holds hope that I will meet a man who will sweep me off my feet but to do that I have to get out more (that’s what she said). My mom told me she’s right. So I asked my mom what she did when she moved to a big city from a small town even though my situation is reverse. She told me she went out. She went to clubs, and she went to Leo’s that had entertainers who came to sing and you could dance. It’s like, um…there’s no place to go here. It’s not like I live near a really great city or the mountains or an art district…there’s nothing here so why waste my time going out when there is nowhere to go? Gas is not cheap you know.

I have thought for a long time that I would be able to get out of here which is part of the reason I haven’t made friends here. Only part of the reason because the other reason is not going out anywhere…that and the places I have to go aren’t places I want to make friends at.

To me life as I know it isn’t boring; it’s comfortable and it’s safe. I don’t have to think about if the place I’m going to is going to get shot up or blown up because I’m not going there. So comfortable and safe is a good thing yes?

Stay Healthy


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