Love Yourself and Your Hair

I’m going to start with hair first because it’s the video I saw before the other one.

Hair Challenge

Vegetable BasketThere is another hair challenge going on. I guess maybe these things must go on a lot, but I was not familiar with them until I did the first one.

This challenge is for 6 months. I might do it because it pretty much involves the things I already do now so it’s not going to be that out of character for me. I don’t do the vitamins, and I do use tools sometimes,  but most of the other things are on point. I will not cut out what I do already if I decide to do this challenge and I will probably start a little early because it’s very close to what I already do anyway.

You can watch the video and decide if you might be interested in jumping in for the challenge this time.

Love Yourself

I liked this video. It is a reminder to just be you and not focus on trying to be who other people are (or who they want you to be). I can see her point. You never know what somebody’s life is like so why envy them?

Anyway, those are the two videos I watched yesterday while going online to research DNA…yes, I get distracted sometimes but I did do the DNA research too.

Stay Healthy. Stay Beautiful.

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