Yoga Combo

These workouts can be done on their own or combined with another cardio workout. I went for a three mile walk later that morning but I did these first, while it was still dark outside.


Love Handles

Leaner Legs

It could all be in my head but I think I see the difference in my legs when I do the Leaner Legs yoga workout. Maybe it’s wishful thinking but I like the workout anyway :).

I had planned to carry out the week doing the cardio yoga workout Part I and II, doing the arms and back and as always–abs wile rotating the legs workouts. I am working on some things for my body that I hope to see shape up as desired this year. Of course I unexpectedly got sick. I know, who plans that stuff right? But it was unexpected. I don’t remember being around anybody sick so I am not sure how I got sick.

Sick or not, tomorrow I’m getting back to yoga. I’m also going to have to plan out the meals for the day. I’m vegetarian and went fully vegetarian a while ago but I still cooked pescetarian for my mom. Well, now she’s decided to go full vegetarian so now I have to make sure I cook enough for both of us but also take into consideration her health needs too.

I love nutrition and research on topics related to it so I think this will be fun for me. I have already spent a lot of time researching over the years (a lot of years) so it’s like going back to what I love to do but for somebody else this time instead of me. Keeping Mom healthy–that’s my mission and I accept :).

Stay Healthy


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