The Fashionista

I checked out Glasses USA for the first time and I decided to do the finding the right frames question and answer one based on personality. I am not planning to buy right now but somebody mentioned they have a sale right now and the price discussed was pretty good so I wanted to see what they had by way of frames.

I skipped some questions because the answers just didn’t fit me. There were nine questions and once I finished it took me to the page with my suggested glass frames. I, in my rush to see the frames, completely rushed past the writing at the top and went down to the glasses. The first pair I liked was a mixed blue pair. I went through a few more pages and saw a burgundy pair I liked. The shape of the frame is close to the shape I already wear and I passed over ones with circular frames. I guess I’m over circular frames since I didn’t spend time looking at those.

By page four I noticed that the writing I passed over was actually my results for the personality questions. I decided to read it and realized it’s accurate. I don’t follow trends. I do dress my best, and everything else was a “wow, how did they get it like 100% accurate,” type thing. I am a Fashionista in personality—yep, that sounds right.

Anyway, when I first logged onto the site it had something about getting a 50% off coupon emailed to me but I didn’t fill that out because I really cannot buy glasses right now, but if you are looking for glasses then maybe checking out the Glasses USA site will be good for you.

Stay Fashionably Beautiful

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