Don’t Have—Must Want

I find sometimes that what people don’t have they want. I guess I’m guilty of this sometimes too. Especially right now with a few things.

It’s not a surprise that I like making dresses—love actually. I think I have always been a dress person, and skirts came second. I was never a huge fan of pants but could totally go for jeans and then sometimes pants. Fast forward many years and I fell in fashionable love with tights (leggings). When I’m in work mode around the house (writing work, knitting or sewing) I tend to go for my tights with the zipper at the bottom (found at WalMart a while back) and in the winter I go for a sweater while in the summer I go for one of my shirts that is far too big for me so it slouches off my shoulder even though it shouldn’t. It’s a comfortable, yet stylish, side of fashion for me even when it’s really a dressed down look. Although many days you’ll find me in a dress even when cleaning the house. I love dresses.

I want more tights but I tend to stay away from anything that will make my thighs look bigger than what they are. My mother wanted bigger legs like mine and I wanted smaller legs like the way hers were in all those old photos. Well smaller thighs anyway. I’m also leaning towards more casual shirts that I don’t have right now but want.

After watching this video I thought thrift shop would be a good run when I have the money to try it. I always donate, but rarely go in to see what they have. Of course if I had a boyfriend I could just go to his house and steal borrow (without giving back) his shirts :).

Maybe the next time I have disposable money (as in when I’m not paying back the student loan) I will head to the thrift shop and see if I see any shirts I want to buy.

How has your casual sense of fashion changed over the years?


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