Fiction is Not Helping Me

I know I am all about how great fiction is since people don’t have to die and there can be a happily ever after. LOL, I just thought back to a college English class where my professor asked why I cried on a movie and I said, “because people were dying.” He said, “no they weren’t. It’s a movie. They collected their paycheck and went home.” The girl sitting next to me told him he was killing the romance, but I had to laugh because he was right. Why do we cry on fictional movies and books? Why do we fall in love with fictional characters? These things are not real, they’re made up stories and the people playing these fictional characters are not dying in real life. Still, I cry. I don’t have time for television now but when I do catch a show (NCIS, Criminal Minds) online with my mother I find sometimes I’m silently trying to wipe away tears. Am I human or just an emotional basket case?

Literature Water buckets

glasses-983947_1920 (2)This brings me to emotional conflicts with books. You see I usually don’t cry on fictional books the way I do with movies. In fact, I’ve only really cried on books when I was writing an emotional scene and that has only been two books–When the Heart Breaks and Red Noon. But I did feel a jarring impact when reading The Rainbow when the leading man…um…stop reading now and skip to the next paragraph if you haven’t read the book but want to…Now, as I was saying I felt that moment of sadness when the leading man in the book died. I mean he was the only character I connected with. I didn’t care about the women. I couldn’t stand any of them. I think the problem with this book is that I emotionally connected to the leading man; not that I wanted to marry him, just that I could relate to a few of the things he went through. But I also think the character was written in a way that made me want to pull for him to have that happily ever after. I didn’t cry, but it was the first time I walked away from a fictional book for like a week trying to force myself to finish it.

Real Life Not Fiction

In real life I’ve noticed an attraction to the kind of man that’s not really on my list of don’ts because I don’t have a real list of that I guess, but I did say I wouldn’t date a guy in three professions…kind of said that anyway but never really voiced it or cast it in stone or anything. Well, lately I have been finding I am oddly attracted to men in two of the professions I kind of told myself not to date. Uh oh.

Is fiction setting up this unimaginable and impractical attraction thing for me? I don’t think so because it’s not like I just started reading books yesterday you know. But I think like most humans life changes as we grow and sometimes the things we tried not to want are the very things we have a hard time pretending we don’t want.

love-806375_1280 (2)

Either which way it goes, no matter where you’re at in your life just remember to breathe. Tomorrow is always a new day and a box of Puffs is just a store run away.

Stay Healthy



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