Just Breathe

Everything is going wrong, falling apart, going well but overwhelmingly busy; sound familiar? Everybody has something going on in their life and sometimes it’s a bit much no matter how good/bad it is. It’s times like these when it’s a good idea to just breathe. Take a step back and find a way to calm your nerves.

Some things that can help along the way to inner peace:

Meditation ~ This is not to say sit back and meditate on all your problems; just sit back and meditate on something good either in your life directly or in the world around you. Maybe even just focus on your breathing as your mind calms from the turmoil it may be in.

Yoga ~ Yoga is one of the calmest workouts I do. It’s great to wake up and kick the morning off with doing something good for my body and I feel great along the way. Something I notice while doing yoga–I cannot focus on all my problems if I want to not fall over doing the moves. So, doing yoga could help you take a break from the stress or hectic things going on in your mind even if only for a half hour or more.

Staycation ~ I love this because it’s like getting away from it all even when you don’t have the money to take a vacation in some exotic local. It’s also great if you’re just not in the mood to suffer through airport drama. When doing a staycation (as I have talked about on this blog before) you do not always have to leave the house to embark on exploring the city you live in. Sometimes it’s great to make it an at-home “you” day. Do a spa day where you spend a little time reclining with a facial mask on and cucumbers over your eyes. Make that meal you have been thinking about trying out for months now but have never had time to get in the kitchen to have fun making it. Give yourself a scalp massage or just kick back in a comfortable chair and read a book, flip through a magazine, or look out the window and enjoy the view. Staycations can be relatively free so if you need one take one.

There are plenty of things you can do to connect with your inner garden of peace. Take some time for yourself to take care of yourself without feeling guilty for needing a little time to get yourself together before going back into your world of trying to keep everything else, and everybody else, together.

Stay Healthy

New to the Spotlight ~ Author Winter Daniels

Hi all. I know I haven’t been here much. A memorial service over the weekend for a death of one of my mother’s friend’s husband and of course life stuff on my end has kept me busy. But I am stepping out of the box for all of five minutes to let everybody know a new author is in the Spotlight on this blog. Winter Daniels is a steamy romance writer so check out her Spotlight and her books.


Have a great day everybody :).

In Search Of…

I never would have thought of this–I’m almost sure of that. As Told By Allie is just another YouTube channel I found while checking out something else. Honestly I cannot keep up with every channel I find and so I am sure I have missed a lot of hair videos but finding this one made me think hmm…that’s interesting.

Yesterday was a busy work filled day for me. My editor got the needed edits together for a book I am hoping to have out later this year. I had a cover to at least get mostly finished (still needs a title on the cover), and I had classes to get registered for. Add trying to get a knitted project made with a bigger dent in it than I already have and a couple things on  my to-do list didn’t get done. Trying to take a break led me to YouTube to figure out if there was another way to do a hair thing I already do and that’s when I found it–Quick & Easy Bun Using a Wig. This was totally unrelated to what I was looking for by the way.

If you’re looking for new ideas for doing a bun check out the video because you might like the idea for your hair. I must say it is a very interesting way of wearing a wig.

Stay Beautiful

In The Spotlight

The first of the spotlights in February is up. Jessie Cantrell is sharing information on  her book, Claiming His Wife, a contemporary romance available on Amazon for Kindle. This book has a five star review and the author is taking time to share with us a little look behind the cover.

Check out the Spotlight to see more.

Braids, Twist Outs and Hair Growth

I had put a link to a video in a file I was working on about the music so I clicked it and it wasn’t a music video; it was a hairstyle video. With this I checked out more on her channel because I do actually watch her channel sometimes. I found her new video about braids.

I am noticing this hair color (in the video) in a lot of places offline too.

She is talking about using braids and twist extensions to grow natural hair. She gives good advice on remembering to give hair a break between the takedown and the restyle because giving hair at least a couple weeks in between braiding it again is good for the hair. Also, she mentions not leaving the style in for too long—which I have heard elsewhere too.

I have not done this style or any like it but if you have and you’re into giving yourself more ideas for protective braids and twist outs then you might like her channel over the course of the year because she does say she will have more videos on braids.

This next video here is unrelated but I did find it this morning and it is on hair growth and retention. She does mention braids and how she wouldn’t recommend having it in for more than a few weeks because when hair grows in braids hair grows into itself and can cause tangles and knots.

Stay Beautiful

Kick It Off Fit

I haven’t done a fitness post lately so since I finally got my schedule back in order to my morning workout instead of pushing it to the later day realm I thought I would share one of the videos that I sometimes do when in a crunch for time.

What I like about this video is that it works the total body and I can definitely feel it working my body. Breaking a sweat and finding myself breathing with the exertion of ‘oh you have to be kidding me’ is definitely possible with this workout. It’s also something that I can throw in to mix things up. So if I’m doing it alone or adding it to another workout it still keeps me working.

The video is Love Your Totoal Body! Full Body. It is a follow along video that is showing 17:43 minutes but you have to get past the introduction and the ending so shave about a minute or so off and that will be the full length of the workout.

What I Don’t Like

Some of the moves are out of camera shot–like on the back lunges with the arm work included the lunge shows but the hands after extension do not. It’s not a make or break thing but it is something to really listen to the instructions to make sure your hands are facing the right way on the extension.

Some of the moves (not all) are quicker than I like but that doesn’t mean that you, personally, won’t love them.

What I Do Differently

After an accident many years ago my PT (Physical Therapist) took me off crunches as she said it was not good for my injury. She put me on planks and other workouts that do not involve crunches so I have learned over the years how to change any crunch moves to plank or other lower body ab work. If you have any problems with injuries involving your neck and/or spine then please keep that in mind and change moves that are likely to hurt you.

My balance is not as good as it was when I was younger so I try to make sure that I pay more attention on any moves that require balance on one leg over the other. One leg is stronger and one is easier to balance on.

I have to be careful of my knee so I make sure I am doing the  move right by not allowing my knees to go over my toes.


  • Know your body. If a move is painful then cut it out or modify it.
  • Slow it down if you have to.
  • Put the video on pause if you need to.
  • Also on the Mermaid move she doesn’t mention it the first time but does during the second rotation so I’ll just say that putting more of the weight on your butt instead of on your hip in that move is something that needs to be done.

Have fun and workout safely remembering to be aware of your body’s physical needs.

Stay Healthy

The Month of Love

I was working on a post earlier today yesterday on my writing blog and talking about my new release Hearts of Passion Club Lux, Valentine’s Day and the month of love.

I mentioned I might talk about the history of my life here on this blog so here it goes.


I’m happy single because I kind of think this woman is an island sometimes. I like having my space. I hate having people trying to own and control me and I think that comes a lot from feeling owned and controlled within the religion I grew up in. History shapes our present and our present shapes our future.

~ My Almost Secret Boyfriend ~

I had a boyfriend—my first, in school. He wasn’t my real boyfriend as I was not allowed to date. He was my at school boyfriend who walked me to class and broke up with me because I wouldn’t kiss him just a week after we started dating. He was a good guy but you know…life and all. He still liked me in high school. I graduated a year early and when he saw me at the mall one day he told me he tested out and joined the Marines so he was coming out early too. He told me I still owed him a kiss…but that didn’t happen.

couple-407150_1920 (2)

Tip Number 1 ~ Beware of Questions

My second boyfriend was an accident. Never (NEVER) answer a question when you didn’t hear the question. Once I had apparently said yes I figured whatever since I would be going back home from NY and going to high school thereby I would never have to see this guy again. We dated (but not really as I still was not allowed to have a boyfriend) for all of a week before I had to go back home. He was my first kiss—not the best of kisses but I can blame both of us on that—him because he kept biting me and me because I had never been kissed.

Tip Number 2 ~ Run From Unstable Guys

Guy number two actually “stole” me from his cousin. No, that’s what his cousin thought but I didn’t like his cousin. His cousin was the one who called me and told me he wanted to kill him for taking me. Yeah…avoid guys who are not emotionally and mentally stable. He had his sister call me so he could get me on the phone because not being allowed to date my aunt (actually cousin) would not have allowed me to talk to him on the phone.

History of me pretty much has seen me living like an island on some levels. I have moved all over this country and I haven’t really emotionally put down roots anywhere. But out of all the places I have lived I think this is the place where I have avoided connecting as if connecting was the plague.

Sometimes the great thing about living life from the outside is that you can see everything—as a writer that’s definitely a good thing.

The past is history. The future will always be a mystery. But the present is where my mind, heart and soul needs to focus on being.

So there you have it—a bit of the history of the writer. I’m crawling back into my box but if you’d like to know more about me let me know and I might come out of the box for a minute or two.

Stay Healthy