Kick It Off Fit

I haven’t done a fitness post lately so since I finally got my schedule back in order to my morning workout instead of pushing it to the later day realm I thought I would share one of the videos that I sometimes do when in a crunch for time.

What I like about this video is that it works the total body and I can definitely feel it working my body. Breaking a sweat and finding myself breathing with the exertion of ‘oh you have to be kidding me’ is definitely possible with this workout. It’s also something that I can throw in to mix things up. So if I’m doing it alone or adding it to another workout it still keeps me working.

The video is Love Your Totoal Body! Full Body. It is a follow along video that is showing 17:43 minutes but you have to get past the introduction and the ending so shave about a minute or so off and that will be the full length of the workout.

What I Don’t Like

Some of the moves are out of camera shot–like on the back lunges with the arm work included the lunge shows but the hands after extension do not. It’s not a make or break thing but it is something to really listen to the instructions to make sure your hands are facing the right way on the extension.

Some of the moves (not all) are quicker than I like but that doesn’t mean that you, personally, won’t love them.

What I Do Differently

After an accident many years ago my PT (Physical Therapist) took me off crunches as she said it was not good for my injury. She put me on planks and other workouts that do not involve crunches so I have learned over the years how to change any crunch moves to plank or other lower body ab work. If you have any problems with injuries involving your neck and/or spine then please keep that in mind and change moves that are likely to hurt you.

My balance is not as good as it was when I was younger so I try to make sure that I pay more attention on any moves that require balance on one leg over the other. One leg is stronger and one is easier to balance on.

I have to be careful of my knee so I make sure I am doing the  move right by not allowing my knees to go over my toes.


  • Know your body. If a move is painful then cut it out or modify it.
  • Slow it down if you have to.
  • Put the video on pause if you need to.
  • Also on the Mermaid move she doesn’t mention it the first time but does during the second rotation so I’ll just say that putting more of the weight on your butt instead of on your hip in that move is something that needs to be done.

Have fun and workout safely remembering to be aware of your body’s physical needs.

Stay Healthy


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