Braids, Twist Outs and Hair Growth

I had put a link to a video in a file I was working on about the music so I clicked it and it wasn’t a music video; it was a hairstyle video. With this I checked out more on her channel because I do actually watch her channel sometimes. I found her new video about braids.

I am noticing this hair color (in the video) in a lot of places offline too.

She is talking about using braids and twist extensions to grow natural hair. She gives good advice on remembering to give hair a break between the takedown and the restyle because giving hair at least a couple weeks in between braiding it again is good for the hair. Also, she mentions not leaving the style in for too long—which I have heard elsewhere too.

I have not done this style or any like it but if you have and you’re into giving yourself more ideas for protective braids and twist outs then you might like her channel over the course of the year because she does say she will have more videos on braids.

This next video here is unrelated but I did find it this morning and it is on hair growth and retention. She does mention braids and how she wouldn’t recommend having it in for more than a few weeks because when hair grows in braids hair grows into itself and can cause tangles and knots.

Stay Beautiful


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