In Search Of…

I never would have thought of this–I’m almost sure of that. As Told By Allie is just another YouTube channel I found while checking out something else. Honestly I cannot keep up with every channel I find and so I am sure I have missed a lot of hair videos but finding this one made me think hmm…that’s interesting.

Yesterday was a busy work filled day for me. My editor got the needed edits together for a book I am hoping to have out later this year. I had a cover to at least get mostly finished (still needs a title on the cover), and I had classes to get registered for. Add trying to get a knitted project made with a bigger dent in it than I already have and a couple things on  my to-do list didn’t get done. Trying to take a break led me to YouTube to figure out if there was another way to do a hair thing I already do and that’s when I found it–Quick & Easy Bun Using a Wig. This was totally unrelated to what I was looking for by the way.

If you’re looking for new ideas for doing a bun check out the video because you might like the idea for your hair. I must say it is a very interesting way of wearing a wig.

Stay Beautiful


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