Just Breathe

Everything is going wrong, falling apart, going well but overwhelmingly busy; sound familiar? Everybody has something going on in their life and sometimes it’s a bit much no matter how good/bad it is. It’s times like these when it’s a good idea to just breathe. Take a step back and find a way to calm your nerves.

Some things that can help along the way to inner peace:

Meditation ~ This is not to say sit back and meditate on all your problems; just sit back and meditate on something good either in your life directly or in the world around you. Maybe even just focus on your breathing as your mind calms from the turmoil it may be in.

Yoga ~ Yoga is one of the calmest workouts I do. It’s great to wake up and kick the morning off with doing something good for my body and I feel great along the way. Something I notice while doing yoga–I cannot focus on all my problems if I want to not fall over doing the moves. So, doing yoga could help you take a break from the stress or hectic things going on in your mind even if only for a half hour or more.

Staycation ~ I love this because it’s like getting away from it all even when you don’t have the money to take a vacation in some exotic local. It’s also great if you’re just not in the mood to suffer through airport drama. When doing a staycation (as I have talked about on this blog before) you do not always have to leave the house to embark on exploring the city you live in. Sometimes it’s great to make it an at-home “you” day. Do a spa day where you spend a little time reclining with a facial mask on and cucumbers over your eyes. Make that meal you have been thinking about trying out for months now but have never had time to get in the kitchen to have fun making it. Give yourself a scalp massage or just kick back in a comfortable chair and read a book, flip through a magazine, or look out the window and enjoy the view. Staycations can be relatively free so if you need one take one.

There are plenty of things you can do to connect with your inner garden of peace. Take some time for yourself to take care of yourself without feeling guilty for needing a little time to get yourself together before going back into your world of trying to keep everything else, and everybody else, together.

Stay Healthy


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