First Draft Down

It is only Wednesday for some of us and for me it is a Wednesday that I should have awakened with zest. This week I finished one of the endings for a story I had written on my list of stories I need to finish. I accidentally bought makeup. I went back to a cardio workout I actually loved to do. Yes, it was a busy and productive week so why did I just want to lie in bed this morning and stare at the fan above me?

First Draft Down

I talk about this on my other blog sometimes so it is no surprise that I write the movies that play in my head as they play. Sometimes the same movie occupies my mind for a little while and other times (a lot actually) it doesn’t. When washing dishes I get ideas and I can only hope those ideas go for a story I am currently writing (they usually don’t). When grocery shopping, working out, basically breathing, I get ideas. I cannot complain about this because I am a writer and as a writer I need to have my creativity alive and functioning (not necessarily in overdrive but I’ll go with it).

So I made a list of stories I need to get back to working on. My mother told me I should finish them and that making a list is a good thing. I don’t think she understands the curse of a list for me but whatever…I made a list. The list is rather long.

Accidental Makeup

I thought I was buying a brush. Seriously! I thought it was an elf brush that I didn’t have so while in the store I picked it up and took it to the checkout with me. Yeah, it’s best to read things before buying you know. It is not a brush, it is an eyeliner and shadow enhancer product that I have zero use for and now have to use it one day so I do not feel so badly about wasting money on a product I really did not need. I have too much eye makeup already.

Cardio Workouts

I have recently decided to give yoga a little break and see if the moves in yoga are negatively impacting my body. I didn’t think so but it never hurts to take a step back for a little while to be sure. I went back to dance workouts. Sorting through my DVDs I found my Hip Hop dance workout video so I stuck it in. I like it, but I kind of miss yoga.


Yoga for Release

Have you ever had one of those days where you dread tomorrow? Not that you don’t want a tomorrow, just that the thought of all that needs to be done again just feels a bit disturbing and staying in bed seems more like a slice of heaven than it ever has before. I find myself having those days of late…not that I want to stay in bed just that tomorrow makes me think of all that has to be done–again.

This morning I woke up at my normal timeline and I decided if I wanted to get out the bed I should probably stretch a bit before I do. A few stretches prompted me to get the computer and do a workout I found and liked doing–Morning Yoga in Bed. I like this yoga routine because it is full of moves that lead towards awakening the body without pushing things too hard and too fast. It is just over six minutes and not hard to do from bed.

woman-304647_1280 (2) yoga againOnce I was up I was ready for more but didn’t feel much like doing an hour longer so I went for the Let It Go Yoga 30-minute Full Workout. This one is great because it does work the full body, does not take a long time to do it and it moves at a steady pace so it doesn’t feel like moves are rushed. In balance moves it is better not to have to rush through them unless your balance is amazingly steady and you can move swiftly that is.

The 30-minute workout was so calming to me that with a few moves I thought I could fall asleep in them.

Yoga is great. I love that no matter my mood I can find a yoga video for that. It calms me, energizes me and allows me to try to keep my body in shape all at the same time. I have been thinking of doing yoga two to three times a day. The morning workout, the mid day break because I need to give my eyes a rest, and maybe a bedtime yoga routine to calm my mind and stretch my body for a good night of sleep. But with so much going on in life right now I am not sure I can make that goal happen…but I’ll see.

Stay Healthy

Fitness Stretch and Reading

Since I previously talked about body goals,and I have not bought new makeup (thankfully ;),) I am going to stay on the fitness track.


woman-304647_1280 (2) yoga again

I like yoga but I can also say that some routines just are not going to be for everybody. This particular video is Weight Loss Core Flow. This video moves a little faster and if your balance is not very good then this one will be harder for you and you might want to modify moves, make them slower for yourself or just not do the Weight Loss Core Flow video. This video is on a playlist so you may be able to find others that work for you. This video is also a little under 14 minutes so time constraints might leave room for this one if you want to try it.

Another video is the Yoga Weight Loss & Balance Workout. This routine moves slower, the moves are still challenging but even at a beginner level it should not be in the impossible to do right now group.

Remember to pay attention to your body; if a move causes you pain then modify it or cut it out. Have fun but stay safe. Balance can be harder some days, or for some moves, so hold on to something if you need to.

Stay Healthy

Shameless self promotion :). My new book ~ Viper ~ is available for pre-order on Amazon now. It is a suspense romance book with a hot Navy SEAL and a gorgeous artist. Check it out and pre-order a copy, please.


Body Goals and the Women Who Make Them

Setting body goals is not always about losing weight. Some women, and men too I would think, make goals to reach the level they want to be at fitness-wise and sometimes for weight too. I don’t need to lose weight, but I do want to tone up my body a little more than it already is ( a lot more in my opinion).

I have had my dream of perfectly flat abs for a while now. Last year I was well on my way despite limitations for doing certain moves, but since that time my walking buddy stopped religiously going and I started having problems with my leg that keeps me from being able to walk as far. I think I was a lot down emotionally and while I didn’t quit working out all together I didn’t do it as much. So I’m going back to my routine, sans power walking for several miles a day.


Flat abs


Not so perfectly flat.

Workout Status…

woman-304647_1280 (2) yoga again

This morning’s workout was fine until I got sick mid yoga workout. I had already done Bridal Babe from TIU, which I like to do because it works so many muscles. I did a longer Yoga workout from Tara Stiles and was just over seventeen minutes in when I had to stop. I thought I would take a break, get some water, get back to it, but that didn’t happen. I took a break and got the water but I was still so nauseous that I had to shut down the computer and just lay down for a minute.

Good News…

yoga-682360_1280 (2) yoga 3The day is not over and I can still do the entire video starting from the beginning again. Anybody who does yoga probably knows it is best to warm-up instead of jumping right into the post warm-up moves so I will go from start to finish again. If I can talk my walking buddy into going walking I might be able to get it in, but if not I will add in a dance workout that I used to do a long time ago.

Today’s Main Meal

No oil ;). Red beans and rice.

As a little girl I hated red beans and I kind of liked rice but not with beans. Now I actually like this dish.

Do any of you have body goals set? If you do, are you finding that working toward them are leading you closer to meeting that goal right now?

Stay Healthy

Vegetable Basket

Now I’m Counting

I do not count calories. I eat healthy as much as I can. I am a vegetarian and I workout so calories have never been my main focus outside the occasional trying to read the ingredients and seeing the calorie count along with the possible benefits of having the product. Well that just changed.

The other day I was checking out a Vegan site that I didn’t know about and one thing she mentioned in her video was the calorie count in olive oil. I was unaware of the count and this is my preferred oil to use when baking and cooking. I use the Extra Light virgin olive oil so I just had to go check out the calorie count.

Oh My Goodness! She’s right. 120 Calories per tablespoon. Yikes! So if I am baking, not really measuring all the time because I was taught to cook without needing books to do it, but if I use 2 tablespoons I have added 240 calories to whatever I’m making on top of the calories from all the other ingredients.

Yeah, so I’m counting now and cutting as much oil from my food as I can (even if it’s only a tablespoon I will try not to use it).

Who knows, I might take vegetarian to vegan this year. She mentioned that you start as a vegetarian and then go vegan. I don’t fully understand vegans but I shall see where the year takes me. Seriously, if I am going to add 240 calories to my day couldn’t I do it with a bowl of grapes and strawberries instead of oil…just a thought.

Stay Healthy

Black Gel

I know I haven’t done a makeup related post in a long time and that is simply because I don’t wear makeup a lot. Oh, yes, I love to buy it but I don’t love, or even like, to wear it.

I had said I was done buying makeup because I have too much. Um…yeah…that didn’t work. I went looking for a lip liner that none of the stores had…I can’t even remember what color I was going for :?, but I did go to one store that had some eye makeup on sale. What! It was on sale…how could I pass that up? 🙂

I saw the gel eyeliner and I remembered hearing good things about gel liners so I figured why not since it was on sale big time. It stayed in the packaging and sat on my vanity for a while and then I opened it and placed it on my mirrored tray where it sat some more–unused.


One day I decided to try it and I can see why people rave about it. It really is beautiful, but…yes, there is always a but.

  1. It dries quick.
  2. It is not easy to remove if you mess up and get it on areas you did not mean to have eyeliner.
  3. It does not like to easily come out the brush.


Keep a paper towel or something near so you can wipe any mistakes before they set, and also so you can have something to sit the makeup brush on and not get it on your fabrics or furniture.

Take your time when applying. Be sure to wipe off the excess product so that you are not putting a huge chunk of gobbed liner up to your eye.

Practice–it really does get better and it really isn’t so bad if you already know how to line your eyes. The second time around for me had me drawing so many compliments I found it strange. I have worn eye makeup before but I guess when it’s black gel it takes the spotlight. Wow…I cannot describe how many looks I got and compliments I got. I told myself I should probably not wear this again unless I’m planning to go out on a date or something. I was a little uncomfortable–you know all the staring that makes you wonder if you have something strange on your face that nobody is telling you about but can’t seem to stop trying to figure it out. Yeah…I hate when people stare at me (ironically I used to model–commercial since I’m not tall enough for runway and really didn’t want to model in the first place but that’s a story for another time).

Anyway, I used ColorMates Black Gel Eyeliner but there are so many cosmetics out there that you can probably find one from the same people you get your other makeup from–probably. If you use gel liners tell me what you think about them–like, dislike, and all of that.

Stay Beautiful

New in the Spotlight

It has been a highly busy couple of weeks but I do have the new, and currently last, of the authors in the Spotlight on the blog. Netherland St. James is heating up the suspense-romance sheets with her Midnight series books. The first in the series is After Midnight ~ it is a standalone book so you will not have a cliffhanger of an ending. Go checkout the Spotlight and learn about where you can find her books, and her blog, to see what is on the horizon for the Midnight series as she posts updates.


Life in America

I have always lived in America so to me nothing is new, or strange, or really worth talking about. That’s not saying life cannot be interesting here, just that I don’t see what the point of talking about life in America is because it’s the only home I know. Traveling around the world does not equate to knowing a country like you’ll know the country you were born in and grew up in, and still live in.

One thing I noticed lately, and it’s because the IR dating thing seems to be getting a lot of attention here (of which some are using to make money) is that people outside of America just don’t get why it’s such a big deal. I live here and I both get it and don’t get it; here’s why.

Why I Don’t Get It

Growing up in the Midwest my parents never put an emphasis on race. My mom is mixed but brown so people in many areas of this country will just assume she is black. While I align myself with all of my ancestors ethnic backgrounds my sister does not—she only goes with being black. It’s never really been that big of a deal because in America there’s a lot of “if you’re brown then your black” going around on any side of the color line so why stress about it. What somebody else sees doesn’t define who I am. Their blindness defines them, not me.

So when it came to these sites I have seen online about IR and black women I had a “seriously?” moment because when I was a little girl I saw BWWM, BWHM, pairings. I did not live in an area with Asians so I didn’t see that pairing but I do know my first crush was a Japanese actor in a movie we were not allowed to watch (can’t remember why but I think it was a religion thing). To me humans were just humans, men were just men and cute was just cute no matter the color of the skin. Because I grew up this way I did not realize people had such an issue with dating somebody with a different ethnic background—not until about a year, maybe nearly two, years ago now.

Why I Do Get It

So I have just talked about why I don’t get it, but here is why I do—Racism. America’s history is laced with it, and anybody watching the news with open eyes can see it’s still here.

From the beginning of white people coming over here it has been about owning, controlling and murdering those who didn’t fit into their box. They murdered Native Americans who were here first. They enslaved black people and some other minorities, even some of the Irish were maltreated over here. If you weren’t like them, you weren’t human enough for them to care about you and how you were treated. Not being able to go through a front door because you were brown, or drink from a fountain because it was labeled for white people; this is part of the history of this country and it has shaped this country for better and for worse. Now this was not all white people, but it is a huge part of this country’s history.

So what does this history have to do with the present dating world for some?

Not everybody grew up with the same experiences. Not everybody recognized the hatred, the racism or the push that one must only date within their color line. Some may have noticed but it was so subtle that in the eyes of a child with the rose tinted glasses still on, the child didn’t see it for what it was. I realize now that I did see some things (especially in the religion I grew up in) but I didn’t truly see them because my mind just wasn’t there.

As I see other women who grew up with the flip side of the life I saw I hear their stories of how they were treated, how they were told that they could only date within their ethnic lines, and now they are trying to branch out, find love and have a family. The stories I hear on how they are treated just because they are brown, black, or anything other than white is sad to me because this is the life that has been cast upon them and they are trying to find their way through the dark levels of hell. They are talking to help each other, but also to inspire those who are venturing into the same mire tainted with hate so that they can know there is more to relationships than just trying to stay inside the lines drawn out by the masses.

While I do not always agree with the method of “date outside” type rhetoric I can see how the past has shaped the mentality of this country because this is the world I grew up in, and while I didn’t see the hate so much back then, I can clearly see it now.

The past is history that you cannot change. The future is a mystery. But the present will always have been shaped from the past which means the future will be shaped from the present.

Fashion Update

Some of you probably already know this but I do have an Etsy storefront and I have recently added new piece.

For the Men there are two new tie and pocket square/hankie sets that a member of the store made.

For the Women there are two new hair accessories.

For Everybody there are new toys added too.

There are other items still in the Fashionably Capri store so head on over, check it out and buy a gift for you or a friend.

Full Yoga Workout

While dealing with my down computer and having to use my mother’s I found more videos from Tara Stiles. They are not new, just new to me as I didn’t now about this other YouTube channel.

Anyway, once I got my computer up and going (for now at least) I bookmarked as many of the ones I wanted to try as I could. So when I woke up, sure I would do yoga this morning, I had no idea which one would come up when I started typing in the letters for her name. Several popped up but I clicked on the first one. I was happy to see it was actually a full yoga workout. It is a Weight Loss and Balance workout. This one is 50 minutes long. The great thing is that it does really work the body, it flows smoothly and is not rushed, and it also has ways you can deepen different poses if your body can handle it deeper, if not you can stay in a level that fits your needs.

yoga-310940_1280 (2)Out of all the yoga videos I have done (online and off line) I would have to put Tara Stiles at the top of the list for great yoga workouts that I love going back to do more often than not. It’s mentally calming, physically invigorating and helps me work toward meeting my body goals all at the same time. My mind only wandered a couple times toward the end of this video but I quickly told myself to worry about the day ahead after I finished my workout.

I would do this yoga workout again, but with all the other videos I think I will see where my typing takes me tomorrow.

So far I have done the Strength and Focus one featured on her channel currently. I have also done the morning workout one and the bedtime one (all in the same morning :).)

If you decide to try out her channel let me know which videos you choose to do. There are so many of them to choose from. Have fun.

Stay Healthy