Full Yoga Workout

While dealing with my down computer and having to use my mother’s I found more videos from Tara Stiles. They are not new, just new to me as I didn’t now about this other YouTube channel.

Anyway, once I got my computer up and going (for now at least) I bookmarked as many of the ones I wanted to try as I could. So when I woke up, sure I would do yoga this morning, I had no idea which one would come up when I started typing in the letters for her name. Several popped up but I clicked on the first one. I was happy to see it was actually a full yoga workout. It is a Weight Loss and Balance workout. This one is 50 minutes long. The great thing is that it does really work the body, it flows smoothly and is not rushed, and it also has ways you can deepen different poses if your body can handle it deeper, if not you can stay in a level that fits your needs.

yoga-310940_1280 (2)Out of all the yoga videos I have done (online and off line) I would have to put Tara Stiles at the top of the list for great yoga workouts that I love going back to do more often than not. It’s mentally calming, physically invigorating and helps me work toward meeting my body goals all at the same time. My mind only wandered a couple times toward the end of this video but I quickly told myself to worry about the day ahead after I finished my workout.

I would do this yoga workout again, but with all the other videos I think I will see where my typing takes me tomorrow.

So far I have done the Strength and Focus one featured on her channel currently. I have also done the morning workout one and the bedtime one (all in the same morning :).)

If you decide to try out her channel let me know which videos you choose to do. There are so many of them to choose from. Have fun.

Stay Healthy


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