Black Gel

I know I haven’t done a makeup related post in a long time and that is simply because I don’t wear makeup a lot. Oh, yes, I love to buy it but I don’t love, or even like, to wear it.

I had said I was done buying makeup because I have too much. Um…yeah…that didn’t work. I went looking for a lip liner that none of the stores had…I can’t even remember what color I was going for :?, but I did go to one store that had some eye makeup on sale. What! It was on sale…how could I pass that up? 🙂

I saw the gel eyeliner and I remembered hearing good things about gel liners so I figured why not since it was on sale big time. It stayed in the packaging and sat on my vanity for a while and then I opened it and placed it on my mirrored tray where it sat some more–unused.


One day I decided to try it and I can see why people rave about it. It really is beautiful, but…yes, there is always a but.

  1. It dries quick.
  2. It is not easy to remove if you mess up and get it on areas you did not mean to have eyeliner.
  3. It does not like to easily come out the brush.


Keep a paper towel or something near so you can wipe any mistakes before they set, and also so you can have something to sit the makeup brush on and not get it on your fabrics or furniture.

Take your time when applying. Be sure to wipe off the excess product so that you are not putting a huge chunk of gobbed liner up to your eye.

Practice–it really does get better and it really isn’t so bad if you already know how to line your eyes. The second time around for me had me drawing so many compliments I found it strange. I have worn eye makeup before but I guess when it’s black gel it takes the spotlight. Wow…I cannot describe how many looks I got and compliments I got. I told myself I should probably not wear this again unless I’m planning to go out on a date or something. I was a little uncomfortable–you know all the staring that makes you wonder if you have something strange on your face that nobody is telling you about but can’t seem to stop trying to figure it out. Yeah…I hate when people stare at me (ironically I used to model–commercial since I’m not tall enough for runway and really didn’t want to model in the first place but that’s a story for another time).

Anyway, I used ColorMates Black Gel Eyeliner but there are so many cosmetics out there that you can probably find one from the same people you get your other makeup from–probably. If you use gel liners tell me what you think about them–like, dislike, and all of that.

Stay Beautiful


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