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Now I’m Counting

I do not count calories. I eat healthy as much as I can. I am a vegetarian and I workout so calories have never been my main focus outside the occasional trying to read the ingredients and seeing the calorie count along with the possible benefits of having the product. Well that just changed.

The other day I was checking out a Vegan site that I didn’t know about and one thing she mentioned in her video was the calorie count in olive oil. I was unaware of the count and this is my preferred oil to use when baking and cooking. I use the Extra Light virgin olive oil so I just had to go check out the calorie count.

Oh My Goodness! She’s right. 120 Calories per tablespoon. Yikes! So if I am baking, not really measuring all the time because I was taught to cook without needing books to do it, but if I use 2 tablespoons I have added 240 calories to whatever I’m making on top of the calories from all the other ingredients.

Yeah, so I’m counting now and cutting as much oil from my food as I can (even if it’s only a tablespoon I will try not to use it).

Who knows, I might take vegetarian to vegan this year. She mentioned that you start as a vegetarian and then go vegan. I don’t fully understand vegans but I shall see where the year takes me. Seriously, if I am going to add 240 calories to my day couldn’t I do it with a bowl of grapes and strawberries instead of oil…just a thought.

Stay Healthy


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