Fitness Stretch and Reading

Since I previously talked about body goals,and I have not bought new makeup (thankfully ;),) I am going to stay on the fitness track.


woman-304647_1280 (2) yoga again

I like yoga but I can also say that some routines just are not going to be for everybody. This particular video is Weight Loss Core Flow. This video moves a little faster and if your balance is not very good then this one will be harder for you and you might want to modify moves, make them slower for yourself or just not do the Weight Loss Core Flow video. This video is on a playlist so you may be able to find others that work for you. This video is also a little under 14 minutes so time constraints might leave room for this one if you want to try it.

Another video is the Yoga Weight Loss & Balance Workout. This routine moves slower, the moves are still challenging but even at a beginner level it should not be in the impossible to do right now group.

Remember to pay attention to your body; if a move causes you pain then modify it or cut it out. Have fun but stay safe. Balance can be harder some days, or for some moves, so hold on to something if you need to.

Stay Healthy

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