Yoga for Release

Have you ever had one of those days where you dread tomorrow? Not that you don’t want a tomorrow, just that the thought of all that needs to be done again just feels a bit disturbing and staying in bed seems more like a slice of heaven than it ever has before. I find myself having those days of late…not that I want to stay in bed just that tomorrow makes me think of all that has to be done–again.

This morning I woke up at my normal timeline and I decided if I wanted to get out the bed I should probably stretch a bit before I do. A few stretches prompted me to get the computer and do a workout I found and liked doing–Morning Yoga in Bed. I like this yoga routine because it is full of moves that lead towards awakening the body without pushing things too hard and too fast. It is just over six minutes and not hard to do from bed.

woman-304647_1280 (2) yoga againOnce I was up I was ready for more but didn’t feel much like doing an hour longer so I went for the Let It Go Yoga 30-minute Full Workout. This one is great because it does work the full body, does not take a long time to do it and it moves at a steady pace so it doesn’t feel like moves are rushed. In balance moves it is better not to have to rush through them unless your balance is amazingly steady and you can move swiftly that is.

The 30-minute workout was so calming to me that with a few moves I thought I could fall asleep in them.

Yoga is great. I love that no matter my mood I can find a yoga video for that. It calms me, energizes me and allows me to try to keep my body in shape all at the same time. I have been thinking of doing yoga two to three times a day. The morning workout, the mid day break because I need to give my eyes a rest, and maybe a bedtime yoga routine to calm my mind and stretch my body for a good night of sleep. But with so much going on in life right now I am not sure I can make that goal happen…but I’ll see.

Stay Healthy


10 thoughts on “Yoga for Release

  1. kylewashere90 says:

    Hey, great post really good read! I’ve just started a blog, I’m 25 and looking to go a year sober, crazy right? I always drink so am looking at the social aspects it’s going to throw up, also health,gym and fitness thrown in there.. Enjoy your day πŸ™‚

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    • infiniteelegance says:

      Finding time is difficult sometimes. I think I like a lot of Tara Stiles yoga videos because she does have some routines that are under ten minutes so it’s a little easier to fit it in early morning or before bed…sometimes

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