First Draft Down

It is only Wednesday for some of us and for me it is a Wednesday that I should have awakened with zest. This week I finished one of the endings for a story I had written on my list of stories I need to finish. I accidentally bought makeup. I went back to a cardio workout I actually loved to do. Yes, it was a busy and productive week so why did I just want to lie in bed this morning and stare at the fan above me?

First Draft Down

I talk about this on my other blog sometimes so it is no surprise that I write the movies that play in my head as they play. Sometimes the same movie occupies my mind for a little while and other times (a lot actually) it doesn’t. When washing dishes I get ideas and I can only hope those ideas go for a story I am currently writing (they usually don’t). When grocery shopping, working out, basically breathing, I get ideas. I cannot complain about this because I am a writer and as a writer I need to have my creativity alive and functioning (not necessarily in overdrive but I’ll go with it).

So I made a list of stories I need to get back to working on. My mother told me I should finish them and that making a list is a good thing. I don’t think she understands the curse of a list for me but whatever…I made a list. The list is rather long.

Accidental Makeup

I thought I was buying a brush. Seriously! I thought it was an elf brush that I didn’t have so while in the store I picked it up and took it to the checkout with me. Yeah, it’s best to read things before buying you know. It is not a brush, it is an eyeliner and shadow enhancer product that I have zero use for and now have to use it one day so I do not feel so badly about wasting money on a product I really did not need. I have too much eye makeup already.

Cardio Workouts

I have recently decided to give yoga a little break and see if the moves in yoga are negatively impacting my body. I didn’t think so but it never hurts to take a step back for a little while to be sure. I went back to dance workouts. Sorting through my DVDs I found my Hip Hop dance workout video so I stuck it in. I like it, but I kind of miss yoga.



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