Two Days

Things always have dates, time restraints that demand things be done by a certain time otherwise you miss the boat so to speak. Well this challenge is kind of the same. While you can start anytime you want, there are dates, circles on calendars that demand completion.

There are two days left in week one of the bikini series challenge. I have been following each day and I know that in two days I will have officially completed week one.

dress-1296500_1280It will just be the end of the first week so, no, I am not seeing the body I am working so hard on toning up just magically tone up. I don’t expect to see results overnight in physical visual form, but I do feel great, energized and mentally happier because I have committed to something and I am working so hard to make it to the end of the eight weeks while successfully meeting all of the challenges. If I can do this for a workout, then what’s stopping me from doing it for anything else in my life?—It’s just fitness, but it is so life changing on more than just the physical level.

So by end of week one I will still have seven weeks to go and I am determined to make it to the end while still meeting the 100 by summer part of the challenge too. The best part that has kept me motivated on the 100 by summer part is making up my own version of the numbers calendar that I keep on the footboard of my bed and after every cardio mile meeting workout I get to draw a little line across the number. It lets me see how far I have come, how far I still have to go, and at the same time lets me look at it as how close I am to meeting at least one goal.

Baby steps—one goal can lead to conquering your own world—all the fears, all the disappointments and all the dreams are right there for you to control if you just push a little harder, climb a little higher and dig a little deeper to know that the power is inside you to be the best you that you can ever be.

Stay Healthy

silhouette-67195_1920 (2) yoga

Fashionably Thursday ~ Men’s Accessories

It has been a long time since I talked fashion on any of my blogs. I am more health and fitness inspired so I tend to gravitate toward those topics more than fashion and beauty. However, today is Thursday and I am going to showcase products a member of the Fashionably Capri Etsy store made.

The items I’m featuring today are the ties pocket squares. The fashionably chic men’s accessories are fresh, unique and an entire outfit can be built around them, or you can add them to your favorite suit.

Lace, brocade, printed patterned ties, and other fabrics are in the storefront and if you are looking for a complete set of tie plus pocket square you can find them right there in the shop.

Women’s accessories and even stuffed toys are also in the store so come by, shop and buy.

Stay Fashionable

Updates and Hair

Let me start off with the hair update as I have clear view of my hair that needs to be redone today…or tomorrow…or the day after that ;). About hair is that I added a page to the Beauty in Color page about a couple hairstyle videos worth watching if you are interested. These styles can work for natural or relaxed hair just done with modifications that suit you and your style.

Now on to the update section.

The Challenge

woman-304647_1280 (2) yoga againI have been working hard–harder than I really needed to I guess. The first day was an accidental “more” because I didn’t fully understand the ins and outs of finding the daily moves for the challenge so I didn’t want to miss my own workout so I did my workout. Later in the morning, when I had a break and could go back online, I found the details I needed to do the five required moves so I did them. And of course what are five moves without adding more cardio? Yeah, I thought that so I did more cardio too.

Each day I have done my daily yoga, added in more cardio and had planned to do today just to the schedule they put out with a little added yoga. I woke up, did the morning in bed routine I talked about here and then I headed to the daily workout page on the TIU site. Well, the paperwork I printed did not have an extra 40 minutes of cardio written on it, but it did on the site. So what’s an extra 40 minutes in addition to the HIIT workout on their page? Yeah…extra 40 minutes is a lot. I did my dance workout for the extra 40 which was actually 44 minutes. I thought I would put in another six minutes–it’s only six more minutes right?–but no. By twenty minutes in I was really pushing just to get through the 44 minutes and decided that I shall just have to be six (6) minutes shy of being able to claim seven miles for today. I only got six miles in today :(. On the bright side, with my start for jogging and required cardio on Sunday, I am 21 miles into the 100 By Summer part of the challenge.

I feel great, invigorated and ready for more. I am also feeling muscles I have clearly not used enough in the past but I still feel really good and I am wishing I could maybe get in another two miles later. But there is a such thing as overdosing on fitness and getting addicted so I am going to try to not do a midday break jog at home.

I love working out but I know me and I know if I could workout all day every day I would do it. It’s kind of like being addicted to the scale–I choose not to step on it every day, sometimes not even every month, because it really can be bad in a lot of ways emotionally and mentally. Besides, the proof of how the body is shaping up is better judged by clothing–when the pants start fitting a little looser, you’ve lost inches. You might not see it by pounds on the scale, but you’re still shaping your body without the stress of numbers on a scale.

So that’s my update thus far. I have been working hard on meeting the challenge schedule while pushing harder to do my 100 by summer. All in all I can say this challenge is a lot of work. If you’re new to fitness you’ll feel it faster than people who may live and breathe fitness, but everybody who does this challenge can push it hard and feel it working.

Stay Healthy

Dreams and Reality

I know people who think putting meaning into dreams is anti-religious or something evil, but I don’t. I, psychology background or not, believe that dreams are the mind’s way of working through our reality.

If you are having dreams of suffocation, death, containment, then take a look at your waking world and what is going on inside of it because maybe you can find the waking source to your nightmares and work on fixing your waking world while you can.

For me, I think suffocation, containment and torturous death dreams happen to be my mind’s way of making me face the reality of losing myself, hiding myself, or not allowing myself to freely be me because I am surrounded by those who cannot appreciate that it’s okay to be different, to believe different. I think dreams like that are my mind’s way of trying to make me realize I have to do something because if I don’t I’ll die. Maybe not literally die, but metaphorically die—which is probably worse than an actual cessation of breathable existence.

I hope all of you are having sweet dreams, but if not, see if changing something in your life could help change that.

Stay Healthy

Soft Yellow Rose

I Dreamed of Working Out

I suppose it should not have been a surprise that my final dream of the sleep cycle was about working out. I did remind myself by way of to-do list yesterday that the challenge I mentioned last week started today. I think the odd part is the lady teaching the workout in my dream was from a dance workout video I used to do; I have no idea who all the other people there were and she told me she would see me next week to which I said “okay” and I’m fairly sure I said that out loud as I was waking up.

I think it’s safe to say working out has been on my brain lately.

Hair is on my mind too but thankfully I did not dream about hair. I saw a woman with a very beautiful style yesterday. I asked my mom if she thought she could do it but she said no because she would have to add hair for that. I already knew that hair would have to be added seeing as though the woman had added hair, but her braids were so pretty and I loved the half up, half down, look of them. I think with all the crochet hair and braiding videos on YouTube it might be something I could learn to do but I don’t think I want to practice on my hair first ;). I might make a wig one day though—that actually looks fun to do, and fairly easy too. Of course everything probably looks easier watching somebody else do it than it is when actually doing it one’s self. But you never know what you can do until you try to do it so maybe I should put it on my future to-do list one day.

Anyway, if you joined the TIU Bikini Series challenge it kicks off today. If you haven’t joined, but want to, you can still join. Sadly it does not appear to be kicking off this early in the morning so i am going to go do some working out of my own right now and just add whatever today’s workout for the challenge is on later today.

Stay Healthy and Stay Beautiful

Vegetable Basket

Workout Challenges

TIU (Tone It Up) does a workout challenge often but the bikini series one is a once a year thing. I am less likely to really do a challenge for working out because I have my own pace, but I am going to try the 2016 bikini series. If you are interested in joining them and the others going in for this you can find more information on their site here.

To get a look at one of the videos from the last series you can go here. You can sift through their page for more free workout videos if you want.

Stay Healthy


I Do Yoga

Morning, Noon or Night there is a yoga move for that.

Just waking up and want your body to be warmed up for getting out of bed for more workouts, or just to get out the bed?

Wake Up Yoga:

Morning Yoga in Bed:

Yoga in Bed: 10 Minute Gentle, Morning Yoga Sequence:

Looking for a yoga workout to help you unwind?

12 Minute Yoga in Bed to Unwind:

10 Minute Gentle Yoga in Bed:

Stay Healthy

Body Fit Life

Yesterday was about mental health–staycationing, which I have talked about before on this blog. It is good to take a little time to do something for yourself, and sometimes by yourself as well. But I am not talking about getting away in your backyard today. I’m talking body health.

Yoga woman-304647_1280 (2) yoga again

I’m back at yoga for the first day since my break from yoga. Out of all the yoga videos I have found online and off I must say I really like Tara Stiles way of doing yoga. There are some that move a little faster, but she has many different videos that encompass all levels so it leaves room for beginners to advanced.

My Morning Yoga

Weight Loss Yoga Routine

  • ~ Likes ~
    • This one had a smooth feel to it. As it was my first one for the morning I felt as if it awakened my body a little bit more than my in-bed stretching I did before getting fully out of bed for the workout.
    • Easy to follow all the moves and modify moves if needed.

Hard Core Yoga Routine

  • ~ Likes ~
    • I really wanted to work my abs and this routine does just that. The moves did not cause any discomfort on my body so it was comfortable for me to do the entire routine without feeling any pain.

Fat Burning

  • ~ Likes ~
    • This one really did feel good on my body, but it also got me a little winded toward about the middle of the workout. I love that feeling of letting out a gush of air in that “wow” kind of way; it reminds me that I really am working my body for more than just toning and that I am getting cardio in there too.

Overall, I enjoyed the morning workout. Videos are 10-12(ish) minutes so doing three together, or one individually, can really be a great addition to a daily workout. As always, know your body and know if the moves do not work for you to stop doing them if you need to or just modify them to do moves that work for you.

Stay Healthy

Staycationing Adventures

I talk about staycationing a lot but I don’t really do it; why? There is nothing to do where I live. While doing an at home facial is good for the skin, I cannot really equate it to a full day of detoxing my mind.

I guess I shouldn’t say “nothing” as I could always go to Walmart and dive into the hazardous world of navigating the aisle with people who push shopping carts far worse than they drive in the parking lot. Sure, trying to brave the jungle of humans and get out unscratched and not dented could be an adventure but it is not really my idea of staycationing.

While searching Travelocity for other ideas I came across something I think would be fun for any of you living in or near Orlando and if you are into this kind of thing. If I were going to take a trip I would pick the Lost Tomb of Monthu for the game I would play. However, there are not 10 of me and I think if I were to travel and go there Jeffery Lowsley, a renowned Egyptologist, who disappeared while on the verge of a “major” archeological discovery would not be the only one lost in the tomb ;).

If you are taking a trip or live near the area they do have other games you can book with different settings in mind. Check it out and see if you see anything you want to add to your list of things you might do one day.