Flat Abs Lookout

🙂 No, I am not headed to the beach in search of flat abs (not that I have anything against doing that if you so want to do that). I took a little time to change my workout method trying to see what worked, what might have caused more harm than good and I came to one conclusion–I miss yoga.

I do miss yoga so I am adding it back into my schedule. Yes, it’s only been a little over a week but I still miss it.

I am also going to work at-home jogging back in with probably a shorter jog time per session and then round out my cardio with something else (like dance).

dress-1296500_1280When I look back at last year and the changes I saw in my body I realize that most of them came from yoga, toning and the jogging I did add in. Jogging is not good for the body, per a PT I used to work for, but I really did like the change to my body appearance and it also felt really good to do emotionally and physically.

This video on How to Get a Smaller Stomach in a Week has a few moves that might be of interest to some of you and tips on eating better to assist in your quest for a smaller stomach. I actually like the hair videos she has done and I went to check out hair when I found the stomach video so even if you are not looking for flat abs you might find her hair videos useful for some of you natural hair ladies.

Stay Healthy


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