Staycationing Adventures

I talk about staycationing a lot but I don’t really do it; why? There is nothing to do where I live. While doing an at home facial is good for the skin, I cannot really equate it to a full day of detoxing my mind.

I guess I shouldn’t say “nothing” as I could always go to Walmart and dive into the hazardous world of navigating the aisle with people who push shopping carts far worse than they drive in the parking lot. Sure, trying to brave the jungle of humans and get out unscratched and not dented could be an adventure but it is not really my idea of staycationing.

While searching Travelocity for other ideas I came across something I think would be fun for any of you living in or near Orlando and if you are into this kind of thing. If I were going to take a trip I would pick the Lost Tomb of Monthu for the game I would play. However, there are not 10 of me and I think if I were to travel and go there Jeffery Lowsley, a renowned Egyptologist, who disappeared while on the verge of a “major” archeological discovery would not be the only one lost in the tomb ;).

If you are taking a trip or live near the area they do have other games you can book with different settings in mind. Check it out and see if you see anything you want to add to your list of things you might do one day.


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