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Yesterday was about mental health–staycationing, which I have talked about before on this blog. It is good to take a little time to do something for yourself, and sometimes by yourself as well. But I am not talking about getting away in your backyard today. I’m talking body health.

Yoga woman-304647_1280 (2) yoga again

I’m back at yoga for the first day since my break from yoga. Out of all the yoga videos I have found online and off I must say I really like Tara Stiles way of doing yoga. There are some that move a little faster, but she has many different videos that encompass all levels so it leaves room for beginners to advanced.

My Morning Yoga

Weight Loss Yoga Routine

  • ~ Likes ~
    • This one had a smooth feel to it. As it was my first one for the morning I felt as if it awakened my body a little bit more than my in-bed stretching I did before getting fully out of bed for the workout.
    • Easy to follow all the moves and modify moves if needed.

Hard Core Yoga Routine

  • ~ Likes ~
    • I really wanted to work my abs and this routine does just that. The moves did not cause any discomfort on my body so it was comfortable for me to do the entire routine without feeling any pain.

Fat Burning

  • ~ Likes ~
    • This one really did feel good on my body, but it also got me a little winded toward about the middle of the workout. I love that feeling of letting out a gush of air in that “wow” kind of way; it reminds me that I really am working my body for more than just toning and that I am getting cardio in there too.

Overall, I enjoyed the morning workout. Videos are 10-12(ish) minutes so doing three together, or one individually, can really be a great addition to a daily workout. As always, know your body and know if the moves do not work for you to stop doing them if you need to or just modify them to do moves that work for you.

Stay Healthy


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