I Dreamed of Working Out

I suppose it should not have been a surprise that my final dream of the sleep cycle was about working out. I did remind myself by way of to-do list yesterday that the challenge I mentioned last week started today. I think the odd part is the lady teaching the workout in my dream was from a dance workout video I used to do; I have no idea who all the other people there were and she told me she would see me next week to which I said “okay” and I’m fairly sure I said that out loud as I was waking up.

I think it’s safe to say working out has been on my brain lately.

Hair is on my mind too but thankfully I did not dream about hair. I saw a woman with a very beautiful style yesterday. I asked my mom if she thought she could do it but she said no because she would have to add hair for that. I already knew that hair would have to be added seeing as though the woman had added hair, but her braids were so pretty and I loved the half up, half down, look of them. I think with all the crochet hair and braiding videos on YouTube it might be something I could learn to do but I don’t think I want to practice on my hair first ;). I might make a wig one day though—that actually looks fun to do, and fairly easy too. Of course everything probably looks easier watching somebody else do it than it is when actually doing it one’s self. But you never know what you can do until you try to do it so maybe I should put it on my future to-do list one day.

Anyway, if you joined the TIU Bikini Series challenge it kicks off today. If you haven’t joined, but want to, you can still join. Sadly it does not appear to be kicking off this early in the morning so i am going to go do some working out of my own right now and just add whatever today’s workout for the challenge is on later today.

Stay Healthy and Stay Beautiful


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