Dreams and Reality

I know people who think putting meaning into dreams is anti-religious or something evil, but I don’t. I, psychology background or not, believe that dreams are the mind’s way of working through our reality.

If you are having dreams of suffocation, death, containment, then take a look at your waking world and what is going on inside of it because maybe you can find the waking source to your nightmares and work on fixing your waking world while you can.

For me, I think suffocation, containment and torturous death dreams happen to be my mind’s way of making me face the reality of losing myself, hiding myself, or not allowing myself to freely be me because I am surrounded by those who cannot appreciate that it’s okay to be different, to believe different. I think dreams like that are my mind’s way of trying to make me realize I have to do something because if I don’t I’ll die. Maybe not literally die, but metaphorically die—which is probably worse than an actual cessation of breathable existence.

I hope all of you are having sweet dreams, but if not, see if changing something in your life could help change that.

Stay Healthy

Soft Yellow Rose


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