Updates and Hair

Let me start off with the hair update as I have clear view of my hair that needs to be redone today…or tomorrow…or the day after that ;). About hair is that I added a page to the Beauty in Color page about a couple hairstyle videos worth watching if you are interested. These styles can work for natural or relaxed hair just done with modifications that suit you and your style.

Now on to the update section.

The Challenge

woman-304647_1280 (2) yoga againI have been working hard–harder than I really needed to I guess. The first day was an accidental “more” because I didn’t fully understand the ins and outs of finding the daily moves for the challenge so I didn’t want to miss my own workout so I did my workout. Later in the morning, when I had a break and could go back online, I found the details I needed to do the five required moves so I did them. And of course what are five moves without adding more cardio? Yeah, I thought that so I did more cardio too.

Each day I have done my daily yoga, added in more cardio and had planned to do today just to the schedule they put out with a little added yoga. I woke up, did the morning in bed routine I talked about here and then I headed to the daily workout page on the TIU site. Well, the paperwork I printed did not have an extra 40 minutes of cardio written on it, but it did on the site. So what’s an extra 40 minutes in addition to the HIIT workout on their page? Yeah…extra 40 minutes is a lot. I did my dance workout for the extra 40 which was actually 44 minutes. I thought I would put in another six minutes–it’s only six more minutes right?–but no. By twenty minutes in I was really pushing just to get through the 44 minutes and decided that I shall just have to be six (6) minutes shy of being able to claim seven miles for today. I only got six miles in today :(. On the bright side, with my start for jogging and required cardio on Sunday, I am 21 miles into the 100 By Summer part of the challenge.

I feel great, invigorated and ready for more. I am also feeling muscles I have clearly not used enough in the past but I still feel really good and I am wishing I could maybe get in another two miles later. But there is a such thing as overdosing on fitness and getting addicted so I am going to try to not do a midday break jog at home.

I love working out but I know me and I know if I could workout all day every day I would do it. It’s kind of like being addicted to the scale–I choose not to step on it every day, sometimes not even every month, because it really can be bad in a lot of ways emotionally and mentally. Besides, the proof of how the body is shaping up is better judged by clothing–when the pants start fitting a little looser, you’ve lost inches. You might not see it by pounds on the scale, but you’re still shaping your body without the stress of numbers on a scale.

So that’s my update thus far. I have been working hard on meeting the challenge schedule while pushing harder to do my 100 by summer. All in all I can say this challenge is a lot of work. If you’re new to fitness you’ll feel it faster than people who may live and breathe fitness, but everybody who does this challenge can push it hard and feel it working.

Stay Healthy


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