Two Days

Things always have dates, time restraints that demand things be done by a certain time otherwise you miss the boat so to speak. Well this challenge is kind of the same. While you can start anytime you want, there are dates, circles on calendars that demand completion.

There are two days left in week one of the bikini series challenge. I have been following each day and I know that in two days I will have officially completed week one.

dress-1296500_1280It will just be the end of the first week so, no, I am not seeing the body I am working so hard on toning up just magically tone up. I don’t expect to see results overnight in physical visual form, but I do feel great, energized and mentally happier because I have committed to something and I am working so hard to make it to the end of the eight weeks while successfully meeting all of the challenges. If I can do this for a workout, then what’s stopping me from doing it for anything else in my life?—It’s just fitness, but it is so life changing on more than just the physical level.

So by end of week one I will still have seven weeks to go and I am determined to make it to the end while still meeting the 100 by summer part of the challenge too. The best part that has kept me motivated on the 100 by summer part is making up my own version of the numbers calendar that I keep on the footboard of my bed and after every cardio mile meeting workout I get to draw a little line across the number. It lets me see how far I have come, how far I still have to go, and at the same time lets me look at it as how close I am to meeting at least one goal.

Baby steps—one goal can lead to conquering your own world—all the fears, all the disappointments and all the dreams are right there for you to control if you just push a little harder, climb a little higher and dig a little deeper to know that the power is inside you to be the best you that you can ever be.

Stay Healthy

silhouette-67195_1920 (2) yoga


2 thoughts on “Two Days

  1. barbierants says:

    great article, I wish you success and I hope every one else who has taken this challenge realize to that things do not happen as fast as they might want them to. That it will take time. They should read your article it might help them to be patience.


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