Does The Cover Define You? ~ Part 1

I am big on not judging a book by its cover. Just because it looks good doesn’t mean it will be. So when people put a huge emphasis on “must dress this way or wear makeup every day” I tend to shake my head and brush it off.

Makeup breaks me out so I am more of a special occasion, or photographic event type of makeup wearer. I like to buy the pretty stuff but I don’t wear it. Waste of money? Probably, but I get requests to help do makeup even when I don’t wear it often. I do know how to do it :).

So I started thinking about this people judging people based on their outer appearance thing. It’s not new really. People always judge by looks, be that skin color, hair styles or weight. But The outfit?—Does it really make a difference in how a person is treated?


I notice when I’m dressed to the nines in a dress I have designed, even without makeup on, I get better treatment at the grocery store and even the home improvement sores. Even if I’m just wearing a store bought summer maxi there is no shortage of, “do you need help,” and “you look nice,” type of comments from employees. Heck, I went to the market once and had to try to climb the shelves to get something off the top. Some guy, who didn’t even know me and was pushing his own cart, decided to stop and help me without my asking. I know how to climb the shelves as I have to do it often given my height. What I find interesting is the unsolicited help I get if I’m climbing it if I went into the store before going for a workout vs. if I’m wearing a dress.

blog photoWhen I’m dressed to the nines I get more help, the employees seem to flock over to help me. My mother gets this too. I told her that I think they think we’re somebody there to monitor the store and report back to somebody important or something because if I just go in with jeans, tennis shoes and the overall “on my way for a workout” look, I do not get this kind of attention.

blog photo 2I find it interesting how people judge based on looks. I could be glammed out better than a Hollywood starlight and still be the biggest witch west of the Mississippi. Clothes don’t make a person, yet if you look a certain way you are more likely to get people falling at your feet to help you.


Fitness Finds

People who have either found me on one of my blogs or truly know me in my real world know I love working out and eating healthy (relatively healthy I guess). While I was looking at one thing on the Relaxed Hair Health blog I decided to check out the other sections of the blog and of course I went straight to the Health+Fitness section. (No surprise there).

I found some interesting things and even things that I remember doing as a child for fun–those were the days I was working out and not even realized I was working out. One thing I would LOVE to add from this morning’s reading adventure is the rebounding trampoline-114587_1920thing…I need to get a trampoline for that. I would love to hula hoop again but I am going to have to hit the Dollar Tree for that because that is one item that did not make it through all of the moves I have made from state to state over the years. Hoop Dancing sounds right up my alley and I found that YouTube has videos for that so I plan to check those out and see if I want to add it to my workout routine. There are also weighted hula hoops if you have the money and the desire to add that to your workout equipment.

Basically I love getting a reminder of the past with things I used to love to do as a kid for play while not realizing playing was keeping me fit and knowing I can add it in now to spice up my workouts, do routines that don’t hurt current body issues and possibly get that perfectly flat ab thing I covet. Yes, I am coveting flat abs. Flat abs have not worked out the way I want them yet…but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop working on it.

Have any of you ever done Hoop Dancing?

Stay Healthy

And Then There Was This Cop

When I was younger I think I concentrated more than I do now. Not that I didn’t daydream and follow the rabbit down the path, but I focused more…I think.

There I was, studying my Irish lessons like I usually do in the morning when my mind wandered off on its own. Yes, I am blaming my mind because clearly it was not my fault ;). Really, I see why new stories come to me multiple times during a single day–I get ideas even when I should be focusing on something else. This morning, there was this cop.


I’m trying to take a timed practice session and this cop (cute as he may be) just would not leave my mind. No he is not real. Well, he may be kind of related to a real cop, but I’m not sure on that because I vaguely remember the real cop, but still…timed practice sessions while my mind decides to follow the rabbit and fall down the hole is not a good thing. It’s a miracle I actually didn’t hear the clock ticking alerting me to the lapse of time. I need to get my mind in line before I have to take the final for school and the state test otherwise I am going to be in trouble.

Anyway…here is a look at the scarf/shawl I knitted for my mother. This one is mostly pattern with some small personal changes on my part.



My Kindle needed a new cover too since the one I bought at the store is peeling apart–yes, peeling all over the place. Enough was enough. I do miss that one though.


Stay Fashionably Beautiful :).  IMG_7807

Above or Below…It’s All The Same To Me

Have you ever had one of those days when you wake up and the world you thought you knew is just an illusion; where the world outside that illusion is far less than the peace, love and happiness that you thought it would be? Have you ever had one of those moments when you feel down, but you don’t know why you’re down?

I started making cute to-do lists that I can write what I need to do for the day on. One has my “wake up smiling” reminder. Another one has the “every day above ground is a good day,” comment a really nice older military man said to me. And of course the standard “live, laugh, love,” showed up on one–the one for today actually. To which I thought, what am I going to laugh about? It’s one in the morning, I’ve had weird dreams all night and I cannot go back to sleep. Then when I thought about it, one of my dreams, weird as it may be, was kind of sweet–the alien didn’t kill me because the guy I gave the bag of chocolate to saved my life by holding the chocolate in front of me so the alien (smelling the chocolate) turned his nose up and kept walking. Yeah, I have that reaction to chocolate too sometimes. What?! I said it was a weird dream. The entire night was full of weird dreams but that was by far the strangest of them. I could psychoanalyze it but it is far too early in the morning for that today.

So I have been sitting here feeling some kind of way and not knowing why I’m feeling that way. The every day above ground thing is kind of relative. For some people, being above ground does not always feel so wonderful, but I then think of the “this too shall pass” thing and hope that this, too, really will pass without causing me to pass and go under the ground which might not be such a good place to be depending on how you look at it.

I guess all of this is to say when you are feeling a little down try to find something good in your life, and when you find it–hold on to it.

Stay Healthy


Yoga Fitness and Cardio Knitting

Okay so I did not do cardio while knitting but I did think about knitting while doing cardio. I have a few pieces I can show in the fashion section of this blog but have yet to grab the pictures from my camera and have yet to find time to write anything on them. Perhaps the other two pieces will be done by the time I find the time to really get the page together. I’m winding down with school so I’m focusing a lot of my time on my studies in preparation for the final plus the state exam I will have to take once approved to take it. One day at a time and all that mental health survival speak ;).

At any rate, this is about fitness today. I updated the Linked to Fitness page this morning and I think it will be my last update because the page is getting long. I’ll put some other work up for the health page and other things at some point in the future.

For me, this morning was 4-miles of cardio plus yoga. While I have updated the Linked to Fitness page with some of the yoga videos I thought I would share two of them here too.

Weight Loss Yoga Routine & Slim Waist

These two are mixed in with a continuing playlist of yoga that include cardio, core, arms and other health and body beneficial routines. Have fun.

Stay Healthy


Friday Morning Musings in the Spotlight

Happy Friday everybody.

I am thankful that this week has been relatively productive for me. Loads of work done on studying for school, finishing a knitting project and starting the other and releasing my book The Affair which has Love Unspoken included with it. It’s on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Payhip. It’s one of my combined novella length works.

The affair with title cover

In addition to the world of writing and knitting I have been getting in daily workouts with my new yoga routine except for this morning. I woke up feeling a little under the weather…kind of like the weather outside that seems to be a little under the weather itself lately ;). If I feel better later I’ll try to work in yoga at least, but if not then I’ll have to agree with my body and take today off.

On the hair thing I am getting ready for a challenge…kind of anyway. I told my mother the other day that I like my wig that I have worn for at least two days this week and she mentioned that I could always go back to it for a while. This Friday morning, as I look at my hair looking poufy because I unbraided it this morning I decided I just might go under the wig until my birthday near the end of the year.  It’s not cast in stone but maybe…maybe not.

All of this for a Friday morning and I still managed to get a new feature in the Spotlight. B.B. Montobon’s fairytale children’s story is in the spotlight for the next couple weeks so please go check it out and see if you would like to read the short story yourself.

The Never Land cover change - should work for webHappy weekend everybody.

Hair, Health and Fitness

Health, both physical and mental, and emotional, are important to keep watch on. It is very easy to forget who you are and what is important to you. My mother mentioned the other day that you have to care about yourself and what you look like or you lose hope. I get it. Years ago I was the play with my hair and do new styles kind of person. While I didn’t think of equating that with caring about myself I did have fun doing it.

Now, going natural really wasn’t in my best interest. I really don’t care because my hair was much easier to manage relaxed than natural. It’s healthier this way, but not easy to manage and certainly not easy to keep styled.

My mother and I differ here because she loves doing my hair natural while I hate it. I can put it up in the bun I like now that it has grown back since cutting it, but I am not a baby hairs person. I told her the other day if they wanted to stay down they would lie down on their own. She laughed at me as she pulled out the gel, toothbrush and a lower sitting chair for me to plop down as she got to work on making my baby hairs recline in the position she wanted them.

I took more care of styling with relaxed hair than I do natural hair. I don’t equate that to a mental or emotional health thing but I do get what she’s saying. When you care about yourself you don’t let stuff slide. There are no excuses to be made because when you care you find a way and not an excuse. Working out is like that for me. I love to workout so it has never been a pulling teeth activity for me. I love to eat healthy as much as I can so this, too, is not an issue for me. But hair…now that is a different story.

One thing I won’t do though is let hair get in the way of health for me. Easy to manage or not, I workout first and worry about my hair…well, kind of never. I do still have my wigs so if ever I have a super bad hair day I can always cover it with a wig…and if I want a change of style, I have wigs for that too.

Stay Beautiful; Stay Healthy and always Do You.

Challenges Equate to Learning

Life is full of challenges. For babies, learning to go in the pot is a challenge–no that’s a challenge for the parent who is ready to give up diaper duty I guess. Either which way it goes, challenges give a person a chance to learn something.

The Workout Challenge

This Bikini Series challenge thing taught me that working hard allowed me to meet and surpass the 100 by Summer part of the challenge. It also taught me that the workout these ladies do isn’t for me and that pushed me back to just doing my cardio plus yoga thing because I like yoga. Yoga allows me to tone and lengthen without getting bulky. I know there is somebody out there already professing that women cannot bulk up and I will say we will have to agree to disagree on that. But bulk is relative so what one sees as bulky may not be what somebody else sees as being bulky.

That being said, I have decided to just do me. I have my own goals and kind of did my own challenge for the next couple months because I do want to find fun cardio workouts that I can toss in to mix up the usual while changing up my daily yoga a bit more. I do a mix of yoga but I get comfortable (not perfect, just comfortable) and I tend to redo the same moves day after day. There is nothing wrong with repetition but it can get boring–like falling asleep in tree pose (that’s a bad idea unless you have magical balance you know).

So what else did I learn during this challenge?

  1. It’s okay to just be you and do you. Yes, I already knew that but a reminder is a good thing, especially when others are trying to force you to be what they want you to be (workout not in topic here).
  2. It’s okay to take a break. I workout every single day and it is hard for me to step away from that but today I have decided to just take a break. (For the record, I am still thinking of doing serious yoga later but you know…I’m working on that taking a break thing 😉 ).
  3. Sometimes one has to save oneself and learn how to walk away when things just aren’t right. Walking away is hard. And while walking away from a workout pattern and going on my way to a workout that has been working for me and is best for me isn’t the crucial decision of my life, it kind of makes me take another look at some things. Workout challenges are the bottom level of importance but if I can not feel guilty about doing the me thing there then maybe one day I’ll get the important stuff right too.

Anyway, I hope you all had a good, if not great, week. I hope you will have a relaxing and uplifting weekend. But even if things don’t go right today always remember that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it–yet.

Stay Healthy

Fitness, Tests and De-Stress Yoga

Hi everybody. I have been deeply rooted in many things this week. This morning’s test for school was difficult but I did pass it and I am going to study some more before moving on to the next chapter for the next test. Only three more to go before I can take the practice tests for the final and then it is on to trying to take as many practice tests as I can before the state test that I MUST pass in order to license. Way back in the day people did not have to go to school for this stuff…just saying that the government always finds ways to make money off of you.

Anyway, I have updated the Linked to Fitness page. The FIT with Tara Stiles one is broken into sections, but you can do it all at once. I will just say that I never thought of using my bathroom sink in such a way.

I did yoga as kind of a break from schoolwork and trying to just relax my mind. All the having to do laundry, cook, do dishes and school stuff is kind of taxing on emotions and sanity. Working out helps me much.

With my workouts for today done I so want to do another two miles of cardio, but I don’t know. I have knitting on my to-do list…but two miles (also known as three miles) couldn’t hurt much by way of time.

Stay Healthy