Do You Meal Prep

Today was the last day of workouts for the first week of the challenge and while I await the release of next week’s workout plan I have took a look at the TIU blog and one thing that stood out was the Sunday meal prep post. I can say that meal prep for the week is not something I do.

I remember when I lived in my old state and had a job that required a two hours to work and two hours home drive time I would fix up the next days lunch that night, but not for the entire week.

Now that I am at home working with writing and studying for school I have the kitchen at my disposal…though not always the time. One idea I do like is to fix up my salad as much as I can for the week. I like to add bell peppers to mine so I do not know if I would want to do that ahead of time for the entire week of salads on Sunday but I shall see.

fruit filled bowl picture

For me Sunday’s are the worst days for something like this. I have Cello Chat, I have to take my mom to her meetings and I still do writing and studying for school plus my Irish studies on Sunday too. I really don’t have a good day to spend that much meal prepping time in the kitchen all at once, but I can see how it can be helpful to others who have a chaotic week and need meals they can grab and go. I think I might start doing a little of that now because when I get my license so I can work in the field I am probably going to need meals I can take with me and keep in the car as I drive from location to location for work.

So, do you meal prep?


2 thoughts on “Do You Meal Prep

  1. lexilife says:

    Wow you sound super busy as it is with all of you school work and commitments! I don’t meal prep as I feel like it would automatically limit me and I don’t do well with diets or restrictions because, like a naughty child being told you can’t do something (or eat something) makes me automatically want to do it!! xx

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    • infiniteelegance says:

      🙂 Yeah restrictions don’t work for me either. I tend to think I am a grown woman and I’ll have it if I want to. I never diet, but I do try to eat a normal healthy as much as I can. I cook here and I have to now try to research and cook for the health issues others have so it takes a little more work than it did when it was just about me.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog. xx

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