Romantic Glow

Two blog posts in one day…I know I shouldn’t but I rarely talk about makeup and since I had to do a little this morning I thought I would come share.

The Pout Perfecter was a gift for me from my mom. She was with me, saw me looking at it and decided to buy it for me. I know…I have too much makeup I don’t wear but I do lipstick sometimes so I was ready to try this out.


It’s actually a pretty product when done right. It’s definitely not meant to be spread all over the lips, just a little in the center on the bottom (and I put a little on the top too) and it jazzed up a simple liner colored lip that I had going on. I went to share my look for my lips with my mom and she liked it but then she said, “you’re not wearing makeup; you’re oily.”

I had to go look and I went back and said; “It’s not oily; it’s a romantic glow.”

She said “Whatever you say dear.”

Yeah, I had to pull out the pressed powder and cover it up. I liked the look, kind of reminds me of post workout glow, but who wants to walk around looking like a light bulb all day. I put on a little liner for my eyes too but nothing major.

I would recommend the Pout Perfecter if you want to add a little something extra to your lips sometimes.

Stay Beautiful


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