Another Day; Another Workout

Happy May you all :). I know we are on day two of the month but I am also in week two of the Bikini Series challenge.

The first week of the challenge felt great to me. I pushed it hard and I am meeting my goals getting closer and closer to my 100 by summer part of the challenge. And now I am off to week two and I am thrilled that I made it through the first day workout. The daily moves were easy but there are certain moves in the video that follows (the HIITY Bitty Bikini video) that I had to modify. I think it’s good to know before getting into any workout what your body can handle without damage. For me, knowing my medical limitations helps me to avoid causing serious injury. There is always a move that can replace another move in fitness. Think of it as fitness being open to everybody, with no closing gates to hold you back.

As any true healthy lifestyle person should know, getting in shape is not just about the physical workouts; it’s about what you eat too. I like to say don’t go on a diet; make healthy lifestyle changes with your food that will stay with you for life, not just until you drop a few pounds or meet your body appearance goals.

Whatever fitness goal you are on, or considering venturing into, I wish you the best in your journey. Remember to not give up when it gets tough, but to keep pushing. You are the master of your own body. Own it, control it and whip (* 🙂 ) it into shape.

Stay Healthy


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