Nowhere to Go

I know I’m a little late for a Tuesday post–okay, a lot late for me anyway. The morning was super busy. I did get Day 2 of this week’s challenge workout schedule done with two extra miles than the three I planned to do. Sadly, I am sitting here typing this wishing I could workout some more. Yes, I find that sad because I worked my butt off this morning and I still want to get up and do some more. I was serious when I said if I could workout all day every day I would do it.

Anyway, while doing a little personal work after doing some final edits for a book that is supposed to be out later in June I got another idea for yet another story. I am telling myself not to write it. I have too many stories going on in my head and since I should be done with the classes for school by end of next month (sooner probably) I am going to have to dive into taking all the practice exams for the school final and for the state test that I still have yet to send my forms off for to get approved to sit for the test. I hope to be able to arrange the finances for state testing and fingerprinting requirements by end of next month or early August.

I really want to workout again so there is a possibility that I will do yoga (again) later. Or I could start what I know is due on the day 3 challenge a little early and just do it over again tomorrow.

Nowhere to go, tired of studying for school and not in the mood to work on any of the stories I have sitting in limbo right now–yeah…working out sounds like a good plan.

Fighting boredom one workout at a time ;).


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