Linked to #Fitness

I have been working on trying to get some of the workouts online that I visit put into a single file. It kind of makes it easier to get to the usual ones I use if I don’t have to search through blog post for them, and I get to post more on the page that I can try out later–and so can you.

Anyway, the page is not completely finished as I am sure I have more I can add but for now the Linked to Fitness page has music, yoga, cardio, food and other health sites that are free to view online that you can add to your workout and healthy venture.

Linked to Fitness

There are a few other health things I for sure want to add but since my computer is nearly belly up right now I am on my mother’s second laptop and I do not have my old hangouts on here yet so as I find them again I will post them on the Linked to Fitness page.

Stay Healthy


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