Week 3 #100bySummer

Hello and Happy Monday to all of you.

I can say this morning has already been rewarding for me. Not only did I suffer  work through the five daily moves with some modifications I also completed my 100 By Summer portion of the challenge. Yes, I worked my butt off metaphorically (and hopefully literally) speaking.

I am proud of myself for reaching my goal, and for reaching it super early. The last time I was going to do one of the 100 by…challenges everything came up and I found myself not really getting in the hours of cardio it would take to meet that goal. Sure, I still worked out every day but I was not getting in enough cardio and I eventually just stopped keeping track of the miles. But this time I printed out the chart I made up for me and crossed one line through the miles as I got them done. Doing this kept me motivated and also allowed me to see just how far I had come and how much farther I had to go.

So now that I have met my 100 miles earlier than needed what am I going to do?

Keep working out of course :).

woman-304647_1280 (2) yoga againI plan to keep up with my cardio–who knows, I might reach the 150 miles that I hadn’t signed on for, or even 200 miles just because. It’s not on my to-do list but it would be pretty cool.

While I will continue serious cardio I do plan to tone it down a smidge and get back to more yoga than high impact movements. I shall see. Maybe I’ll make up my own challenge next time. I can mark the miles off with music notes–yes, music is always on my mind.

My advice for the start of week 3 in the challenge, or any other workout routine you may be starting/currently doing is Do You. If a move hurts you, if it is not compatible with your body and previous injuries, then don’t do that move. The thing about fitness is there is always a modification in moves you can do in order to still get the muscles worked. So, instead of thinking “I can’t do those moves so I just won’t workout,” try thinking, “I can replace those moves with something that works for me,” and keep on working out.

I hope everybody has a great week. I have some tests to prep for, housework and yard work that need to be done, and projects both writing and knitting that need to be finished so this week is going to be really busy for me. I’ll try to come back with some basic fitness/nutrition blogs this week but if not I do hope all of you have a great, healthy week ahead of you.

Stay Healthy

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